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    By creatify on February 23, 2006

    Although I do not want to violate Mike’s posting policy, I guessed a few of you would be interested in a report from far away waters.

    Ventured on down to the great city of Cabo San Lucas last week. I had the opportunity to fish with the Picante fleet (highly recommend – many operators, no offense Uncle Vic, ran old Bertrams that had seen their better days – some of the boats were NOT seaworthy and would not have made it in the Gulf this past weekend) on one of their many fine Cabo Express boats. What a machine!! I see one of those in my future. Anyway, we had ten boats out one day with calm seas, slight breeze, and not a cloud in the sky. Water temp = 72 degrees – Air temp = Low 80’s. Day started off bad for my boat as we lost some part of the transmission just as the Captain ran the screws up to 2500 rpm. Transmission would not engage. But, I must say, have you ever seen a broken down car in Mexico?? Nadda. After twenty minutes of scrambling around the engine room we were off on the 20 minute run to the fishing grounds. Now I must say that I have been to the Lump on numerous occasions with 100 or so boats and I thought that was crowded. But, holy moly, try 150 boats all trying to troll their billfish spread within the same bathtub!! At times I thought I could grab a cervaze off the passing boats!! Anyway, we had six boats with two releases of the man in the Striped suit and two boats with five releases. The majority of these boats had numerous knock downs. Two boats, including my ride, got skunked, nadda, nothing. Oh well, that’s fishing. But, due to the proximity of the boats, I saw numerous catches as if I were on their boat. No other species to report. Several other boats were flying 8 flags on the way in!! Wow, wish that was me. Did see several whales – what a sight!!

    Anyway, if any of you guys and gals get down that way you gotta look up the Picante guys. First class adventure. Heading to PV in May for ten days with four days of fishing. Oh, really going to tie the knot with the bride to be!! She’s a fishaholic and, thus, a keeper!! Maybe I’ll have better luck next time. Got a free room at Los Suenos in Costa Rica that must be used by the end of the year. Any suggestions as to when I should go? Anyone interested in getting a group together to differ cost and show um how how we do in LA???

    Glab to hear we had no major accidents last weekend. Be safe out there as we all know Mother Nature can kick you in the butt every once in a while.

    Anyone know if Gary Bananoo and the Strike Zone fleet made it through the past year? Haven’t seen a post since the witch blow through.

    Capt. Kevin Beach
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