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    By creatify on February 21, 2006

    Question for you Garmin Handheld GPS guys…

    I am looking at and trying to decide between the GPSMap 60C with the color screen and 56 MB of internal memory and the GPSMap 76C with color screen and 115 MB of internal memory.  Obviously the 76C has more memory but I was hoping to get some feedback from anyone who is actually using these two units.  FYI…the 60 C retails for about $425.00 but I have found it on ebay for $350.00…and the 76C retails for $480.00 and have found it for $370.00…

    Any info is appreciated.  Need to get something soon.

    Also,  if someone is using something other than these 2 Garmin units I would appreciate your feedback as to I am not completely loyal to Garmin.


    Mike Lane
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    Capt Jean Pitre
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