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    By creatify on February 16, 2006

    It’s true!!Fall-Like Fishing Returns!!

    Took My good buddy Big Poppa #1 of Chalmette fame out in the Blue Wave today. Had Steady 15mph winds all morning, but it didn’t matter. Launched out of EOW and about 7:00am and headed to Little Lake. First drift, about 15 or so hit the box. Then it slowed a bit, so we took it to Pt Fienne, where it started up again. #50 hit the box around 10:45 am, with every other (or three) fish a keeper. Average length was 13 to 14 inches. Quality trout! Felt good to be out there today. Wind kept the gnats at bay, and Big Poppa #1 even sported shorts today. Water was real dirty in terra beoufs, but cleaned up considerably in Little Lake, and was even cleaner in Pt Fienne. Duckiller, in case you read this, This may be a good spot to go this weekend. Call me, I’ve misplaced your number. Front comes through on Saturday afternoon, but should be ideal at least untill then. Water was good and up all around. Felt like late April out there. Caught them 3 ft (literally) under a popping cork with a 1/4 jig head. Color of the day was Green with silver fleck (salt water asassin). Good Luck To all this weekend, I gotta work (AGAIN!)

    Pictures for this Report! Half of Fifty

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