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    By creatify on February 26, 2006

    In response to Melerine’s Camp Rental

    The USGS bouys would have the info on wind speeds and water levels you are trying to put together ,don’t know how long the bouys lasted or if they had the abillity to go that high on their scales —— I had monitored Ivan’s coming ashore back when ,and it was interesting to see the effects , the water at the Bay Gardene bouy out of la Hache got to 8 ft above normal , and the crooked bayou bouy if I remember right was 10ft ,  if I wouldn’t have evacuated for Katrina I would have been watching the bouys and would have probally seen the surge of water coming —-  I went to their site and you can only go back 30 days , I emailed them with a request for a  download of Katrina’s coming a shore in the breton sound /mississippi delta area), not sure if it is possible to get the info , would have to think it is stored away somewhere ,  will let you know if they respond — I would really like to see that graph myself , I took 4.5 ft of water in my home in little woods , I think it came from  up the gulf outlet  over the leeve under the Green Bridge ( Gray now )and the topping of the flood walls along the industrial canal —- Friday we just got the insurance to agree to pay for 3 rooms of the house for contents under the home owner wind damage because of  the hole in the roof and the broken bricks where the power panel got ripped off the house and  let water in , have not got that check yet or know how much they will break it down , good luck to you   —-   fishfiles

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