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Fishin Friday 11-24

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    By eastofmrgo on November 24, 2017

    Pulled out the driveway at the crack of 7:33, Not good when the GOTTA GOES happen when it’s 33 deg outside, been awhile since I had to hose frost off the windshield to go fishing. Easy launch at Fort Pike, (only about 3 rigs in the parking lot) and on to Byu Biloxi for a first cast at about 9. Bait, (chartreuse, Dudley on a ¼ oz head) barely hit the water and BAM 1 speck in the boat, back over, 11”, next 9 were the same so off I went to look for keeper specks. Next stop at a drain into Byu Biloxi and nice keeper then nothing. Finally got to the pipelines at the end of Byu Biloxi and realized why I don’t fish during the long Thanksgiving holiday, Boats everywhere, fishing, hunting, boat riding, (lots boat riders) passed up two favorite spots already taken and into another pipeline and durn another boat already there, decided they would just have to share, idled real slow past them and on to a drain into the pipeline 1/8 mile down from the other boat , BAM, best fish of the day, just throw into the opening and let the tide take the Holy Joely under a cork back to the pipeline, quick 12 keepers and then stopped. Somewhere along the line the wind quit and the Gnats attacked, Getting a late start put me in this spot about noon and it looked like a bell went off and everybody left, I still had about 3 hours of energy remaining so it was move thru the lagoons and canals fishing tide lines top and bottom. Thought about continuing the journey to muscle Bay, BUT if it was this crowded around Biloxi Lagoon areas, closer to BSM would not be fun. Made the choice to have peaceful fishing instead of Combat Catching. Few here few there lots of throwbacks and #25 hit the ice at 3:10, nice calm back to the Fort .
    Holy Joley under a cork and Chartreuse Dudley tight lined were the baits to use, lost the Dudley to a huge red and switched to Chartreuse cocaho tail , but didn’t work so I stuck with the cork rig. Water temp 52-56, water was the cleanest yet, ( could see shells on the bottom in 4 ft of water.) Nice falling tide all day, wind 8 to start and 0-5 rest of the day.
    Finished with
    25 specks 12-15”
    1 white trout 12”
    1 red landed and released(to Big)
    released.1 red ran under the boat and self

    Gotta go
    October 17, 2016 | One Comment
    NO GO !
    December 8, 2017 | No Comments
    fish early
    July 5, 2017 | No Comments

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