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    By creatify on February 28, 2006

    With a perfect day like today, I decided to skip the parades and a coworker and myself hit the lake.  I’m somewhat new to fishing on my own.  Just got a boat last summer and didn’t get to fish much with it before the storm.  But I have been fishing a lot with others and thought I knew what to look for.  We got out there early to try and catch the falling tide.  Hit the HWY 11 train trestles and had 3 lines in the water.  The one with dead shrimp on the bottom had a fish on in a matter of minutes.  Thought we might have ourselves a good day.  One 20″ drum, two nibbles, 20 – 25 different spots, and 5 hours later, we were headed back in only to be practicaly carried off by gnats back at the launch.  

    Here’s a list of where we tried: Train trestles(worked about a 1/2 mile section), “3 wells”(although there’s only two platforms left) due south of Bayou Lacombe, Shoreline just east of Fort Pike, shorline around and in the intracoastal entrance just on outside of the CSX railroad bridge and also tried a few cuts and points at the mouth of the pearl.  Water was dirty in that area.  Went back to the trestles and then 3 wells thinking maybe with the water temp up, the fish might be a little more active, but nothing.  But you know what?  Sure beats being behind a desk at work, right??

    Just a report from a novice fisherman.  

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