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Friday fishing, 12-22-17

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    By eastofmrgo on December 23, 2017

    Waiting for crew,(Nephew Allen and Great Nephew Wyatt), started checking reports. Got to GEORGES and started second guessing my destination for the day, BUT, memories of chasing fishing reports(should have been here yesterday) had me sticking to the original plan.
    7am launch at Fort Pike and a foggy ride (followed a crab boat with radar to the train bridge) had us chunking in a nice tide line off Byu Biloxi about 8am. As the bite has been of late 1 speck and done. Made 2 more stops in BB and nothing added to the box, headed for a dead end pipeline but, already occupied by 2 boats. This is where my fishing habits may cause problems, Allen commented “oh boy must be fish there”, my comment, “don’t want to fish in a crowd”,U-TURN and off to Cutoff lagoon. Long drift and no takers, had us heading for Muscle Bay where the best bite has been lately. The slow bite made for a long time between fish, and  was tolerated by all (Allen and Wyatt’s first trip to the Biloxi Marsh)but the crew, being regular fishermen , understood the “Call it fishing, not catching” excuse for slow days. Made several drifts from shallow water into deeper water and all managed to box some nice specks. Decided to try some spots for reds on the way back to the lake before the old bod called uncle, never even saw a red for many pockets and points so we called it quits about 2pm. Had to fight a “on it’s last leg” trolling motor and stiff 10-15 south wind , the whole time dreading the ride back across lake Borgne, which ,surprisingly , was a nice calm 35mph cruise.
    Tried several matrix baits poppin cork and Tight lined, Lemon head and Black with yellow tail matrix tight lined was best.
    Tide fell all day from normal to fairly low. Wind 10-15 and gusty while we were in the marsh BUT almost calm in lake Borgne,(???) Temp 55-59, clarity good in the marsh.
    Definitely owe these guys a second trip, they fished hard for todays catch
    12 specks 14”
    Few throw backs
    1 throw back red

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