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    By creatify on February 18, 2006

    Headed to Delacroix with B.A.C & Glynn this morning,launched at the EOW and headed to Pt Fienne.Water was clear and barely moving,wind was blowing steady,we through corks with glow cocahoes/chartreuse tail,hit 75 trout at 8:50 then someone turned off the fan and the bugs attacked with full force.Swarmed was more like it,we caught a couple to leave them biting tied on some spoons and hit the nearby shoreline,no reds no green trout,we hit Ponton shoreline same results,so we headed for the barn with the gnats hot on our tails.The weather was perfect till the wind quit,when we hit Metairie the temp dropped 20 degrees and the wind was howling,we will have big boat in shop 3-weeks,so look for the 3 fools in the silver Starcraft next couple weeks.   

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