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Good 2 B Back

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    By Oneofthepack on December 1, 2018



    Trip today, (Friday) has been planned for months, Big Dave (Yankee customer) called in October said he would be in town for a meeting and wanted to know if we could hook up for a tip to our Disney World known as Delacroix Island, yessum says me.

    Me had a little problem, just return from a (15) day vacation, been off the water (26) days and me had no Intel on the what, when, where, how, & why of catching, and/or existing conditions of the water.

    So me emailed out a RFI, (Request for Intel) to Team Jo-Jo & others, got response from Lake P all the way out to Black Bay, entered it all into me memory bank.

    Me made the decision to call Big Don, (Don’s Outdoor Debacles as known on RNR) me ask, what you doing in the AM, says he going fishing, says me, want to jump on board the Bay Flat Sr to help guide us to the Redworries, yessum says he, now we have a full crew, current Intel, and a GIANT desire to be back down at Delacroix in search of the elusive (still elusive) Silverwonders and Redworries.


    • Been away from Delacroix to long, me hands where turning white again , sun tan gone, from lack of sun, callus on me finger gone from not holding / working me rod, wrinkles in me face and forehead disappearing, all not a good sign.
    • Took a couple of days to get the trip plan, (i.e. who going, where we go, where we stay) had it all nailed down the night before.
    • Evening before “F” (Fish) day, me get a call from Big Nicky (Slip landlord) this not good thinks me, we talk for a while, (me waiting for the boom) when he says you had company in your boat…………………..now me getting really anxious………….you had (5) kittens in your boat.

    Seem mama cat felt threating by the Coyotes that have shown up down at the island, seems they have a large concentration / packs of them running around. What Big Nick and me cannot figure out was how the mama cat got those kittens, (not born their) into the Bay Flat Sr, when she be hanging 7 feet in the air.

    Big Nick relocated them for us, and they were gone when we arrived.

    • Me told the story to Big Don, says he we had the same thing, (Kittens in boats) happen at his slip which was mile or so up the road, seems the Coyotes are all over the pace.
    • Check point Able, water level normal
    • Check point Bravo, Reggio canal water coming in
    • Gave the 20 second speech abut crossing Hwy7 and dock around the Bay Flat Sr.
    • Crew made quick work of loading Bay Flat Sr
    • Yamaha Dream Machine fired right up with one turn of the key.
    • Made a quick stop at Lionel’s for some go juice, ice, and dead shrimp
    • Off to (now decision time) spot # 64 to start our day


    • Perfect
    • S.E. wind 4-6 mph, than 8-10 mph as the day went along
    • Cloudy and overcast, just the way me like it
    • Cool temps, jump suite time. Love when me have to wear me camouflage jump suite, the fish cannot see me in it.
    • Water level normal
    • Water temp 56.7F me and the fish like this one
    • Tide pouring in
    • Water clarity on a scale of 1-7 was a 2, not good at all, Lake John and Twin Pipeline had a 2 plus, best looking water a 3 was in Lake Amadee.
    • Not many boats out and about
    • When we out of the wind, we had company NATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Elusive Silverwonders still elusive, one crew had 2 fishing Lake Amadee area.



    • Be safe
    • Have fun
    • Put some run time , all (52) miles and 2 ½ hours of it on Bay Flat Sr. and Yamaha Dream Machine
    • This be me daily therapy for ALL me aliments
    • Gather Intel for future trips, and to share with fisherperson, (on rodnreel.com) to help assist them in their choice of areas to fish, lures to use and presentation of same to the elusive Silverwonders.
    • Get back in the groove
    • Re-educate meself to the wonders of Delacroix, and all she has to offer
    • Create new memories for Big Dave that he can bring back up Yankee way and make all aware of our state known as paradise.
    • Give Big Don chance to guide Big Dave & Oneofthepack on a quest for the Redworries, we appreciated his efforts and feel he did an excellent job.
    • Find a spot # with the seven fundamentals / criteria of catching:         


    • WIND AT YOUR BACK: (Not a problem, we fishing with bait, still like the wind at me back even with bait, but not as critical.)


    • MOVING WATER: (Had plenty, pouring in, so much so, felt we had to fish open bays, because cuts and channels would be moving too fast and too much current. Ask yourself would you like to hold still / stabilize in a wind storm to eat, or would you get out of the wind storm?)
    • WATER CALRITY: (This is a problem across the board, not only is it dirty, but very fresh, and sandy looking, me think it will be late February before the water straightens out???)


    • HOLDING FISH: (Spot # 17A Redworries loving this spot)


    • PATIENTS: ( Caught a few, then a little dry spell as we ran around looking for them, but just being back on the water was enough to keep me occupied)


    • SKILL: (Knowing who to call)


    • LUCK: (Knowing who to call and he excepts the invitation)
    • Anchor up cast & retrieve slowly along the bottom, with a twitch every now and then, tight lining…………………………………NOTHING


    • Oak River Troll (ORT)………………..DID ONT TRY


    • Reverse Oak River Troll (RORT) ………..DID NTO TRY


    • Oak River Skim (ORS) ……………DID NOT TRY




    • Lake P Troll (LPT)…………….N/A


    • Dead bait………ALL ON DEAD BAIT


    • Live bait…………………NONE


    ·      LURE DU JOURE:

    • 3” H&H Purple Beetle, matched up with H&H ¼ oz. round white head with gold hook…………….NOTHING


    • 3” Chartreuse Glow Beetle, matched up with H&H ¼ oz. round white head w/gold hook………….DID NOT TRY


    • Matrix Shad Lemon Drop, matched up with H&H ¼ oz. round white head w/gold hook……………NOTHING


    • Matrix Shad Lemon Drop, matched up with H&H 3/8 oz. round white head w/gold hook……………DID NOT TRY


    • Matrix Shad Lemon Drop, matched up with H&H 1/2 oz. round white head w/gold hook……………DID NOT TRY


    • Matrix Shad Lemon Drop, matched up with 3/4 oz. round lead head ……………N/A


    • Marker 54 hard plastic shrimp……….. DID NOT TRY


    Spot # 64 along shoreline (6)R, 64A, B, 61C, B, A, 18D, 17A (28)R, 21, 20, 23, 43, 43A, 53 (1)R,  54, 51C, 51D, R1, 2, 3, 4, stopped fishing at noon turn the Bay Flat Sr north for a smooth ride back to the slip.


    • Lived to fish another day
    • (0) Silverwonders, still elusive they B
    • (35) Redworries
    • (1) Bass
    • (4) freshwater Catfish
    • (2) Crabs
    • (2) shorelines
    • (1) Bottom
    • (1) Bushels of grass
    • Big Dave brought a banana on the Bay Fat Sr, we enjoyed him throwing it overboard, that be when we starting catching
    • See Big Dave stop fishing with the spinning reel upside down, me was having a hard time adjusting to this on previous trips.
    • Being out & about in me second home
    • Seeing Big Dave’s face with his BIG Redworrier, made the trip for Big Don & meself
    • Being on the water with (2) of the best fisherpersons me know, Big Dave, & Big Don
    • Fishing with Big Don, having him show / share his expertise, techniques, presentations, &  guiding us to the Redworries
    • Best fishing trip of my life, until the next one.


    Me thought me had a shot with me Big Redworrier, but my size did not hold up.

    Big Don took a while to get on the board, but once he did he was on, on, on, but me think he was one ON short.

    As for Big Dave, he caught the first, biggest, and was on, on, on, on, for a Yankee he had a good showing, and he be fisherperson of the day for sure.


    Redworries are on, on, suggest you buy fresh dead shrimp bait, select the size you like before you go down, as we had a hard time keeping ours on the hook, both from catching and casting.


    Never test how deep the water is with both feet.

    O & A:

    Why do fisherpersons have such a strong urge to distract ourselves from the journey?

    TEAM JO-JO’S future stratagem:

    • Still planning, me thinking Lake P and/or Bayou Bienvenue

    Good Fishing

    Team Jo-Jo & Oneofthepack

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