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Grand Isle Bust 5 22-23-17

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    By Tony Cyprus Jr on May 23, 2017

    Wifey and I made a trek to Grand Isle,knowing full well that we might be able to get in maybe a full day of fishing on Monday and probably none Tuesday(exactly what transpired)but we still had a blast getting away on mini-vacation and we stayed at our usual place,Sand Dollar,as we typically catch decent amounts of specks with a few nice reds in the Grand Terre,Barataria Pass,Coup Abel Pass area and we were disappointed in the water quality(looked like MS River water)and we did not exactly have fish-friendly conditions but we wanted to go regardless.Did chat with a few folks that struck out,basically(unless one counts hardheads)!!!The fellow running the bait at Sand Dollar did show us a few spots where there were folks making some decent catches(only with live shrimp,forget croakers and minnows-said the guides were giving away their minnows and croakers as these spoiled specks wanted nothing but live shrimp!)I hate tossing live shrimp but we do plan a return engagement,possibly mid-week as that gives us chance to have plenty of options,and I will most likely get a handful of shrimp to get them specks at least started!!!Funny thing is that my last few Lake P trips have yielded at least some fine reds and the water in Lake P was infinitely better vs what we found in Grand Isle!!!Gonna give fishing a rest,at least for a few days,then possibly back at some bass in some local bayous!!!




    Tony Cyprus,Jr.

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