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    By Oneofthepack on February 14, 2018

    Big Andrew and me talked Mardi Grass day, both of us where having home stay jitters, so when he asked if me wanted to go get a cup of coffee, me jumped all over that offer.

    On the way to McDonnel for coffee, me remember there was a Bass rodeo over at the East Pearl, and weigh-in was for 3:00 PM, want to check it out says me, sure says he, after coffee, and a lot of fish catching stories off we went to East Pearl.

    They must have had 10 to 15 boats that entered the rodeo, looks like they fished 2 to a boat.

    It was just educational to check out each boat, which had at least 8 -10 rods in the boat. And the variations, (same with type boats and engines) of lures / rigs used was very challenging to me. Spinners, plastic worms rig in all configurations, crank baits, top water, lizards, poppers, tadpoles, you name it and it could be seen, and sometimes in multiple boats, which is a SIGN.

    Big Andrew & Oneofthepack talked to one fisherperson as he was securing his rig, he had 8-10 rods in his boat. His boat was a manufactured by Skeeter, he indicated he had them all Bullet (which is the fasted hull by him) Stratus, etc. and by far the Skeeter was the best all-around boat.

    His rig was powered by a 200 hp motor, me think he said topped out at 65 – 70 mph. Me had to ask, what it is with the big engines. He indicated speed, if you launch here, and want to run to Delacroix, (he said he did not do this today) you need speed to get there and back in time to fish and get back for the weight-in.

    That was a sign that not all Bass was caught in the Pearl River system, they had the ability to fish a 60 – 80 mile range and even more if weather conditions where good.

    It was now time for the weight-in, a group gathered around one of the trucks, table was set up, and nice little digital scale was used with a basket to hold the fish still. Each team came up with their fish bag full of water and Bass, (Bass had to be live, or you lost points if they were dead, me did not see any dead fish). This process did not take long, they had the weight-in down to a science, one weight master would weight the fish, call out the weights, and the other weight master would log them in.

    It looked like 8-10 teams weighted, 5 Bass limit, (Total 45 to 50 Bass weight-in) in their catch, biggest was 4.9 # (me think) saw a lot of big Bass 2 ½ to 3 ½ pound range, they were all live and return back to the Pearl river at the launch.

    If you fisherperson have the time, and know of a Bass rodeo being held, and when the weight-in takes place, you might want to attend one, just to see the many various boats, rods, reels, lures, and the fisherperson who fish them.

    Our journey Tuesday was both educational and interesting to see how Bass fishing differs from Silverwodners fishing. Or maybe not, it is my observation that a Bass fishermen can fish all types of fish, but a Silverwonder / Red fisherperson may not be able to make the adjustment to fish Bass, that is just me opinion, what say you other fisherperson on the subject????


    Just talked, (up to date Intel)  to Big Pablo, he and Big Cisco fish our Disney World known as Delacroix Island Tuesday, 33 reds (1) keeper, 14 Drum, no Silverwodners, spot # 21 & 61C holding fish, and dead shrimp was the bait of the day.


    Good Fishing


    Team Jo-Jo & Oneofthepack

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