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TEAM JO-JO | History and what it can provide

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    By Oneofthepack on September 24, 2018

    TEAM JO-JO………..Me was checking me diary for Intel, went back (3) years, seems the action did not start till mid / late October, looks like we might have a pattern to go by.

    TEAM JO-JO 10/23/15

    Today Big Bud (aka Eastofmrgo) answered the call for a first mate board the Bay Fla Sr. and a trip to our Disney World known as Delacroix Island.


    • Could not sleep, up at 2:00 AM, played on computer till 4:30, then started to get ready to go and pick up Big Bud
    • Had Michel Jackson THILLER CD on blasting, Billy Jean was pumping out when Big Bud got in the FORD transporter, told him I was psyching myself up for the challenges of the day. This is my CD that brings me alive, and makes Oneofthepack believe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • No wildlife sightings along Hwy 11 or 90 (not a good sign)
    • Passed on Waffle house
    • Not many boats on why and / or gas stations.
    • BIRDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!diving in Bayou Long south of Little Lake, seen (3) different flocks of birds diving, we just kept heading in, (this a real good sign)
    • Bay Flat Sr. looked surprise to see us, but she game for any trip any time
    • Passed on stop at Lionel’s, gas not need (Love my Yamaha) ice in box already.
    • Looked like Lionel’s had 25 boast launch, and Sweetwater had 60-70 boast launch
    • Boast where still coming down when we were heading home
    • Off to spot # 61B


    • Perfect
    • N.N.E wind 10-12 mph
    • Tide crazy falling then slowed down, cannot figure that one out
    • Water Temp 67.6F
    • Water clarity on a scale of 1-7 was a 6 plus
    • Partly cloudy
    • Mild Temps
    • Boats all over the place running up and down back and forth, just kept moving around.

    • Homestead at spot # 61B, wait them out
    • Anchor up cast & retrieve nice and slow along the bottom
    • Tight line along the bottom, throw up current work the lure back to you nice and slow, add a slight twitch every now and then to tease the Silverwonders
    • Cork nothing


    • 3” H&H purple beetle, matched up with ¼ oz. H&H white round head w/gold hook caught 99.9% of our creel
    • Matrix Shad Lemon Drop caught the remaining fish.


    • Spot # 61 B (57)t, (2)r, (1) bass, stopped fishing at 8:45 AM turned the Bay Flat Sr. north for a quick smooth ride back the Bay Flat Sr. home part.


    • Lived to fish another day
    • (57) Silverwonders
    • (2) Reds, (1) Throw back
    • (1) bass
    • (1/2) bushel of grass
    • (2) Tangled lines, we were fishing right on top of each other, it was a real tight strike zone
    • Gallo selling Satsumas got (2) bags (on the way home) they are sweet and great to eat, Jason said the color flower should be out soon
    • Great morning, great trip with one of the best fisherperson I know Big Bud (aka Eastofmrgo)
    • Best fishing trip of my life, until the next one
    • Which will be tomorrow, fishing with Capt. Chris of Dock Side fame


    • Tie it be, close call was it, we both had the charm.


    Get an early start, look for the birds, and fish to you find you crazy (15) minutes.


    Those who have succeeded at catching Silverwonders and don’t mention luck are kidding themselves.
    Like I mention, tomorrow’s trip with Capt. Chris, Big Andrew set it up for his son Big Dom. And Oneofthepack, hope to see all you fisherperson out and about, until then:

    Good Fishing

    Team Jo-Jo & Oneofthepack

    TEAM JO-JO 10/26/16

    Our (Big Capt Don & Oneofthepack) annual trip to celebrate our return to fishing Delacroix Island after hurricane Katrina trip was as usual, a great trip / time was had by all. Big Bill joined us today, Big Capt Don felt he needed help in keeping up with Oneofthepack so he brought in a ringer to help him achieve the honors of fisherperson of the day.


    • Had the trip plan for months
    • No trouble sleeping, laid my head down at 9:30 pm, sleep by 9:40 did not wake up to 3:45 am when the alarm went off
    • Jumped up, shower, loaded up the FORD transporter, out the gate and a mad dash to Hwy 11 before I settled down, Oneofthepack was a little amped up cause had a new fisherperson fishing with us and I did not know what type success we would have today, based on past trips, me felt it might not be a good one.
    • No wildlife sightings along Hwy 11, once made the turn on to Hwy 90 mile down the road, (3) BIG black pigs grazing on the side of the road. Me doing 58 mph with truck on cruise control, all me thought about was if they hit the Hwy I might be late for meet up at Waffle House for 5:00 am, but all was well me did not even phase them as I went by.
    • Not many boats on Hwy, in gas stations, and at launches, not a good sign
    • When Big Don & Big Bill show up, asked if they wanted breakfast no says them, could see they amped up, so Oneofthepack tried to bring them down to my level. Guys my last 3 trips out where not that productive, and the fish are not really biting, my expectations are not that high. They said I was trying to bum them out, no says I just telling you like it is, me think it is easier to expect less and increase you expectations as the day goes along, anything we catch would be a plus side of for the day.
    • Quick breakfast, crew did not way anything, loaded all the gear and Big Capt Don truck for ride down to Delacroix
    • Passed on Last Stop sandwich shop
    • Check point Abel water 6” above normal
    • Check point Bravo water coming in at Reggio
    • Made it to the home of the Bay Flat Sr. gave the quick caution speech , re: crossing street and dock, we worked as a team transferring all the gear to the Bay Flat Sr. me think the gear dropped her about another 8 “ on her draft.
    • Yamaha Dream Machine was just that a dream, she took us all over Delacroix without any feedback or trash stalking, she just did dat.
    • Idled over to Lionel’s for some go juice, Yamaha Dream Machine was thirsty, had made 2 trips without a fill up.
    • Spent a few minutes waiting for fay light, then we on to exercise Plan “A”, and expand Oneofthepack’ S comfort zone.


    • Perfect
    • N.N.E. 2-3 to start, then N.E. 4-6. Then East 8-10 mph, perfect winds
    • Sunny & clear
    • No clouds
    • Cool, to mild temps
    • Water temp?????
    • Water level down 6-8” from last time out, 4” below dock
    • Water clarity on a scale of 1-7 was:
     About the same all over 2 to a 2 plus, no looking good, clear, but very sandy looking
    • Tide came in all day, never did turn around and fall, in a lot of areas the wind was moving the water. We tried to wait for the change in one spot buy it never happen
    • NO boats out and about, saw only 2 running around


    • Have fun
    • Get an early start, be in La Fourche at day light to fish the birds
    • Give Big Bill the Delacroix tour
    • Follow our suggestions posted the other night, we had a rising tide so we went out and fished out way in to Zone 1
    • Expand Oneofthepack’ S comfort zone, as plan we went to Zone 4 to see if the water was any better (NOT!!!!). we fished the S.W. corner of zone 4, Bay La Fourche
    • Find a spot # with the four fundamentals / criteria of catching:
    1 Wind at your back (Not a problem, wind not a factor, we could fish just about anywhere we wanted)
    2 Moving water (With the wind, water moving all day, sometimes it tide, sometimes it was the wind, and sometimes no moving water, very strange)
    3 Water clarity (Huston we have a problem, it was clear but very sandy looking, we did over 50 plus miles of running around and the water look about the same all over, not good. Hope once we get a hard cold front come through it will push all this water out, and the water temp drops down to 55 -57 * F, me think water will look good again.
    4 Holding fish (Not a problem hit the mother load at spot # 57 & 58, had 46 t before we made a move, not a slam, but slow steady action.)
    • Corks (34)t
    • Oak River Troll (12)t
    • Cats & retrieve tight Line (2)t


    • 3” H&H purple beetle matched up with ¼ oz. H&H round white head with gold hook, caught 989. % of fish & 1 gator
    • Matrix Shad Lemon Drop caught the balance
    • We each had a different color on, but once the first Silverwonder hit the purple beetle, it was a mad dash for them in the tackle box.
    • Big Bill was filling us in at breakfast of all the lures he likes to use, seems he a avid Matrix Shad user, and he likes various colors of them, but it did not take long for him to make the change to purple, me either.


    Spot # 58 (33), 57 (12)t 43A (3)t,43,50,53,54,52A,52,51,6,5,2A (1)t, 18,18A,B,C,D,E,61C (1)T, called it a day around 2:10 pm, TRUNED THE Bay Flat Sr. north for a quick smooth ride back to the slip.


    • Lived to fish another day
    • (50) Silverwodners (24) throw backs
    • (2) Throwback reds
    • (1) Flounder (Big Bill)
    • (1) 6 foot plus alligator (Big Don) (check out picture, alligator still has H&H purple beetle in its mouth)
    • (1) crab
    • (1) bottom
    • (3/4) bushel of grass
    • Best peanut butter sandwiches Oneofthepack ever had, asked Big don not to use the crunches type, me like smooth peanut butter
    • Water provide by Capt Don was frozen and taste great
    • Got to meet new fisherperson & friend, Big Bill, looking forward to another trip soon.
    • Got to take our first picture of fish in a long, long, long time, and to mention the crew pictures too.
    • Best fishing trip of my life, until the next one

    Big Bill, (not!!!) Big Bill was holding his own with the corks, but when it came time to Oak River Troll (ORT), me think it was learning process for him, even tight lining was a little thought. After a while of a long spell with no bites, suggest he use one of our poles, matter of fat gave him the pole I was using. First drip (ORT) nice flounder, second drift (ORT) little Silverwonder. Big Bill left handed did not feel comfortable with right hand rig went back to his rig.

    Oneofthepack was very, very, very slow coming out of the gate, Big Don had at least 5-6 in the boat and Big Bill was right on his heels. It took a while for me to get the knack of the cork fishing. I was checking both of their rigs to see how deep they fishing, Big Don looked to be 2 foot deep, but after looking closely at his rig, he using a sliding cork, so he not 2 feet but 4 feet deep. Me just about to try to re-rig when me catch one, then it was on, on. Also knew when came to (ORT) and tight line technique, it would be a fin of a different color, advantage Oneofthepack, me on a roll and have it all sewed up.

    Now comes Big Don story, (he already conceded at the Waffle House he not fisherperson of the day, much to my delight, takes pressure off me) he off like a Silverwonder in a school of shiners, 1,2,3,4, more, & more, lifted into the Bay Flat Sr. looked to me he was trying for the honors, but me think me edged him out in the end. The he gets a bite, (we dong the ORT) and starts to reel in, BIG drum says he, bottom says I, looked like he fighting a log. When Big Don gets it alongside the Bay Flat Sr. to all surprise a 6 foot plus alligator, Big Don thing fried alligator tail. Big don starts yelling for net, mean camera, me fixing line not interested in getting camera, he still yelling camera, finally finish fixing line and get camera, it took (3) tries to get a picture, cause when the beast came up, it dove right back down. Big Don popped his line and the action was over, time to go home. Me do think Big Don deserves the FISHERPERSON of the day title, for today that is.


    Water clarity not good, (as we like it) BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Caught fish, was told by a few reliable fisherpersons Four Horse Lake was the spot, we were heading that way after our first stop, but water not looking at better, and they had all kinds of boat coming from that way toward Oak River.

    Hit Bay La Fouche early, play the shore line with corks, if you can catch a falling tide, me think it will be a Silverwonder slam.

    As always live shrimp may be better, but for us, too much trouble dealing with them


    Seeing a Silverwonders is a moment of beauty, known only to those who seek it

    Off to see Big Burgan ganddaughtreofthepack sign at Karaoke, hope to be back at them in the am, until then:

    Good Fishing

    Team Jo-Jo & Oneofthepack


    Big Burgan won the signing contest, she 1 of 4 finalist that will sing next Tuesday for the grand prize go girl.

    TEAM JO-JO: 10-24-17

    Big Gary emailed , (last week) us and said if you ever need a first mate, please let him know, so we responded how do you look for Tuesday, (today) good says he. Crew for today was Big Gary & Oneofthepack, we did a trip of which me had very low expectations for catching.


    • Planted our Weeping Willow try, he looking good, named it Big Hugh, after Big Hugh who provided tree, and did all the work of planting it.
    • No sleep last night, me dead tied
    • Up at 4:00 AM for a meet up with Big Gary at Team Jo-JO’s official meeting place, Waffle House in Chalmette.
    • No wild life sightings along Hwy 11 or 90 not a good sign
    • Chevy Camaro that was in a wreck still along Hwy 11
    • Not many boast on Hwy, gas station, and / or launches
    • Passed on Waffle House, McDonnel and Last Stop food store, but did make stop at gas station just before Violet canal, nice place.
    • Check point Able water level down 6-8 “, not much
    • Check point Bravo, slack tide at Reggio, not good.
    • Reached the home of the Bay Flat Sr, she hanging high in the slings, looking a little surprise to see us on a day with the predicted weather conditions.
    • Yamaha Dream Machine, a dream, one turn of the key and she ready for action
    • Made a stop at Lionel’s for some go juice and ice. Also got the straight intel on where to fish
    • Now the hard part of the journey, where to start our day. Me been reviewing pass reports, from 2013 to 2016 and it seems Spots numbers in the 60 range have been best during those years, also it appeared that corks where the technique / presentation of the outings for those periods. As for the lure du Jour, 3” H&H purple was mention a lot in the report.
    • Then had to take Intel we got on our last trip with Big Bud in to consideration, as we run around we are one BIG sponge absorbing and dissecting everything we see and hear. On our last trip we found a new spot, and this is where we made our first stop today, it proved to be very productive, as we had 22 (NMR) Silverwonders in the boat for 7:20AM


    • Perfect
    • N.N.W. wind 25 – 30 MPH, steady as she blew, and blow she did
    • Sunny & clear
    • Cool to mild temps, wore jump suite first time this year, needed it when running Around, but got hot when we anchored up out of the wind
    • Water temp 70F
    • Water level down 6-8 “
    • Tide slack than started to pour out, fell all day
    • Water clarity on a scale of 1-7 was:
     Point Fienne a 1 plus, tug boats have it all messed up
     Bayou Batola, and Bay Batola, same as Point Fienne a 1 plus tug boat bad news
     Oak River & North South pipeline a 3
     Little Crevasse a 3
     Oak River & Orange bayou a 5 plus
     Most spot numbers where fishable
    • Little Lake very, very, very rough, and very, very, very dirty. Me knew this was going to be a very, very bumpy ride back across lake. Me was wishing me was in Big Andrew 25 foot Bertram.

    • Be safe
    • Have fun
    • Put some run time on Bay Flat Sr. & the Yamaha Dream Machine
    • This be me daily therapy for ALL me aliments
    • Gather Intel for future trips, and to share with fisherperson, (on rodnreel.com) to help assist them in their choice of areas to fish, lures to use and presentation of same to the elusive Silverwonders.
    • Give Big Gary a refresher course of / on fishing our Disney World known as Delacroix Island.
    • Try our new hot spot
    • Find a spot # with the five fundamentals / criteria of catching:

    1 WIND AT YOUR BACK: (This was our challenge of today, first off me not use to fishing a N.N.W. wind, usually me stay home when have these conditions. Big Gary & me managed to find 4-5 spots with the wind at our back, made it easy to fish lures, but still hard to feel the bites.)

    2 MOVING WATER: (Had a slack tide in the AM, just started to fall, picked up speed as the day went along, by the time we left 11:30 AM, it was pouring out, don’t have much hope for water in the marsh tomorrow.)

    3 WATER CALRITY: (Most of the areas it was a 3 plus, but the tug boats in Bay Batola, had the water a mess, turned up trash, mud, & grass, with the falling tide it impacted all of Point Fienne and surrounding areas.) It looked like the rig has been moved out of Point Fienne.)

    4 HOLDING FISH: (New spot 22t, and spot # 60 30t, it was not a good day to be running around, so we worked them two spots over pretty good.)

    5 PATIENTS: ( None needed, action all day from the first spot to the last spot, Silverwonders, reds, stripe bass, & crabs coming in the Bay Flat Sir with just about every other cast.)

    • Anchor up cast & retrieve slowly along the bottom, with a twitch every now and then, tight lining…………………………………This technique was the action for the late morning fishing, caught (30) t

    • Oak River Troll (ORT)………………..Nothing

    • Reverse Oak River Troll (RORT) ………..DID NTO TRY

    • Oak River Skim (ORS) ……………DID NOT TRY

    • Cork ……..This was our early morning technique, we had (22) t in the Bay Flat Sr for 7:30 great action, Big Gary and me where one for one in the box.

    • Lake P Troll (LPT)…………….N/A

    • Dead bait………NONE

    • Live bait…………………NONE


    • 3” H&H Purple Beetle, matched up with H&H ¼ oz. round white head with gold hook…………….This Lure Du Jour for late evening, had to use 3/8 oz. head to get us to the bottom. Between the cross wind (bow in line) and the current it was hard to feel the Silverwonders, Me would just cast as far across the cut as me could, let go down and let lure run with current, any change , (tight line, slack line, heavy line) me set the hook. (30)t

    • 3” Chartreuse Glow Beetle, matched up with H&H ¼ oz. round white head w/gold hook………….DID NOT TRY

    • Matrix Shad Lemon Drop, matched up with H&H ¼ oz. round white head w/gold hook……………Early morning, (6:30 to 7:20) Lure Du Jour, 3 feet under a cork, our mission was catch when catch can. Me starting to love fishing with a cork, just love to see the cork disappear under the surface in a split second.

    • Matrix Shad Lemon Drop, matched up with H&H 3/8 oz. round white head w/gold hook……………DID NOT TRY

    • Matrix Shad Lemon Drop, matched up with H&H 1/2 oz. round white head w/gold hook……………DID NOT TRY

    • Matrix Shad Lemon Drop, matched up with 3/4 oz. round lead head ……………N/A


    Based on intel from trip with Big Bud fished new spot first, (22)t, 61A,B,C, 18E,D, C, B (4)t, 17 (super dirty water) 20,21,22,23,24 (2)t, 60B, 60 (28)t, stopped fishing around 11:30 AM.


    • Lived to fish another day
    • (56 ) (NMR) Silverwonders
    • (5) reds, 4 throw backs
    • (4) Stripe Bass
    • (2) Fresh water drum
    • (2) Crabs
    • (1/4) bushel of grass
    • (2) Crab traps
    • (2) Bottoms
    • (2) Tangled lines
    • Saw plenty ducks, big bands all over
    • Saw an American Eagle, what a sight he just sitting on a piling in the north / south pipeline
    • Saw flock of birds diving in Point Fienne, west side, made the stop to check it out, by the time me got me line in the water wind had already blew us by them. Big Gary got to make one cast, got a hit but missed it. The birds broke up pretty quick.
    • Saw no alligators
    • Having a low expectation day turn into a catching day with fellow rodnreel.com fisherperson Big Gary one of the best fisherpersons me know was just a real treat.
    • Great food and drink as provided by Big Gary, thanks man enjoyed the bite after the action.
    • Best fishing trip of my life, until the next one.


    Big Gary was all over them with corks, but when it came to tight lining it proved to be a challenge, he was having tackle problems, (not enough line on reel to get a good cast distance, plus his rod & reel, made it hard for him to feel the bites) me offered him one of me rigs, but he left handed and he did not want to change handles on me rigs. After me felt we would be getting our limit, (me was on a mission) took the time to change the rod and reel me was using to a left handed rig. On Big Gary’s first cast in came a solid 2 pound plus Silverwonder. After that Big Gary was in the action, and all he kept sayings was it was unbelievable how much a difference it was fish with me light rig.

    Big Gary wanted to know the info on rod & reel, told him it was a Shimano Clarius one piece 6 foot rod , Mod # CSS-WX60MB POWER MEDIUM ACTION EXTRA FAST IM-8 GRAPHITE CONSTRUCTION, matched up with Penn Battle II BTLII1000 reel, and 20 pound power pro (equal to 6# mono). It had a 12-18” 15# mono leader spliced to the power pro. 3/8 oz. round lead H&H head with gold hook, and a 3” H&H purple betel. Me think there will be two new rigs in Big Gary’s future.


    Low expectations for today’s success at catching, but that is why “YOU GOT TO GO TO KNOW”. It should be getting nothing but much better from now on down I our Disney world known as Delacroix Island. We caught at least one or two at each spot we stopped, and with the low tide coming up it will flush all the bait out of the marsh, and the fishes will lover this too.

    Time is here!!!!!!


    “Fishing has been shown to be useful
    up to a certain point and no further,
    but catching, which is the thing
    we must strive for today,
    begins where fishing leaves off.”

    O & A:


    Big Capt Don (aka Perchwhisper) called re: wind tomorrow, we greed to cancel out and live to fish another day.

    It looks like it will be Friday before me can get back on the water, until then:

    Good Fishing

    Team Jo-Jo & Oneofthepack

    Keeping a diary do help to answer when, where, why, what, & how too’s of fishing.

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