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Honey doos pay off

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    By eastofmrgo on June 14, 2017

    Met Capt. Don, (PERCH WHISPERER,) as planned at 6am. Strange feeling starting a fishing trip going to a Private pond (more like a lake, 14 acres,) in New Orleans East. Capt Don already had the 8’ pelican with a 30# thrust trolling motor in the water and ready for the crew to load. Looking down from the ramp at this itti bitti boat, I’m thinking, aint no way that is going to hold 2 ,200# fisher people, then I spotted 3 alligators lined up 50’ away watching intently,(one seemed to be thinking ”I want the fat one in the back”). The spell was broken when Capt. Don said, “well get in, just step in the middle and sit down.“ Hell I figured he don’t want to get eaten by alligators any more than me so I followed instructions and was surprised at the stability. He followed suit and off we went, we each caught a perch on our first cast and all my visions of doom disappeared. We made our way along the shore casting about 3 feet from land and working the black and chartreuse grub on 1/32 oz white jig head out into deeper water . Lots of small green trout, which Capt. Dons friend said to thin out the small ones, who am I to argue, just about every cast was a fish, Copperhead perch, blue gill, and something called Mexican bluegill, beautiful fish, looked more like it should be in an aquarium than in the wild. Was told it is an invasive species and eats other fish eggs so all go in the box, they taste good so, NO PROBLEM. All the fish were fun to catch(keepers and throwbacks) but the best fight on ultra light tackle and 4# test line was a 15” gar, thought MOBY RED had sneaked into the pond. Most of the morning the clouds kept the temp comfortable and even a light wind was helping cool the air, BUT the clouds went and took the wind with them and ,IT GOT HOT. The bite slowed and we called it a day ( 50ft. from the loading ramp) at 10:30. Next project was getting out after 4 hours of sitting. We docked at a small 2ft wide dock that jutted out 8-10 feet out from shore , it was suggested , silly as it looks, to crawl till I was over land before trying to stand, again I followed instructions and wobbled back to my feet as planned. Water was crystal clear(saw fish down 4 feet) we ended up with
    60 perch and
    13 green trout
    2 limits of tree branches(but I’m getting better)

    One last treat, Don and I walked out on a deck over the water and he threw some stale bread in and must have had 100 perch from 1” to 6” hitting on the surface, no doubt they are used to regular feeding time, now I know why we didn’t fish that area “PET PERCH ZONE”
    Enjoyed another fresh water adventure with PERCH WHISPERER .

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    Fishing before the front.
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    Save a Perch, catch a Red 5-30-18
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