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Hunting Moby Redfish in Fog

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    By Redfishcharterco on February 4, 2019

    I have to confess i’m still pumped after this weekend in Cocodrie. That fog gets intense, hinders your vision and lasts all day during February. The fog can be a real pain in the you know where. I also love fishing in that fog as much as i hate it.
    It all came together with a great crew and what most would call tough conditions. When you see fog along the coast of Louisiana don’t leave without rain gear folks. It would be a long wet day for sure, sucks blah blah blah, but hey we catch fish in the fog. I guarantee as Justin Wilson would say.
    Along with the rain gear a good GPS with track to the fishing spot is mandatory and don’t forget the dry wipes for glasses. Leaving at daybreak maybe not the best idea without a really good GPS or at all on heavy fog.
    Once you get to the x marks the spot folks just shut down the engine and listen. Wow bull redfish smashing bait along the pipeline canal in this case or pelicans crashing in the water. Head to that with the trolling motor and start fishing right now.
    I like jigs or corks this year tipped with shrimp or crab. Listen it doesn’t matter so much the bait as it’s all about location location location right now. Throw what you like for the conditions topwater being a favorite in foggy weather. Bull Redfish love lots of action on the water.
    Check out our photos from this weekend and look us up online for your next fishing adventure.
    Capt Damien Melancon

    The Redfish Charter Company

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