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Just plain good fishing

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    By eastofmrgo on September 27, 2017

    Got a chance to join the PERCH WHISPERER for a “cross the river” perch whoopin. Capt. Don’s for 5:30 and off to the honey hole of the day. Short truck ride and even shorter boat ride had us chunkin plastic minnows at daylight. Slow start where a past crew was spotted flopping fish in the box did not work for us. Settled into a canal with shade and lots of lilies and trees to attack my casts mid air, made a few throws before Capt Don breaks out the secret weapons, biggest freakin worms I ever saw. “Here put a cork and a third of one of these on the 1/32 oz jig head,” BAM, perch in the box. We moved back and forth in a canal we called , Baby Gator Canal, cause the whole day I could hear the unmistakable “chirp” of a baby gator calling mom, Capt Don finally got tired of me saying “BABY GATOR” and explained it was a noise made by a structure in the area, DAM whodathunkit. Bite stayed scattered and the brighter it got the more scattered the bite got, Capt Don said “ we need some breeze and clouds to get the fish started” and just like magic, breeze started and some clouds moved over and perch started biting so good he chunked the anchor and one pocket (leaning tree pocket) produced all the perch and cats we cared to box, with a boat load of midgets returned to grow. One cat was about 20+ inches and required a landing net, fun watching Capt Don scrambling around trying to get the net out and in working order before the 4# test mono parted ways with the hook, success, big cat in the box. Bite slowed and the sun started taking a toll on the two old bodies so we called it a day about 11or 12. WTH of the day started when I had to retie after a trip in the trees, my eyesight seemed exceptionally lousy even with my trifocals in place, right eye is shot from ARMD but left eye usually is sufficient to get me thru the retie operation. Finally gave up and proclaimed “DADDY tie this for me”, while the WHISPERER was retiying, I decided to clean my glasses and, W T H, left lens was gone, found it in my pocket snapped it back in and whooped with joy that I was not going completely blind. Great day fishing and catching with the PERCH WHISPERER.
    Don’t know about tide, water stained and 86 deg. Light to no wind and partly cloudy skies. Finished with
    68 perch(many varieties)
    18 Fresh water cats 8-20+ inches

    Still Checkin.
    February 18, 2017 | No Comments
    Great day to fish
    December 14, 2017 | 2 Comments
    Whole lotta NO.
    February 3, 2017 | 2 Comments

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