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    By creatify on February 28, 2006

    Another sell out by the state?

    Are you guys aware that  the state gave a permit for the city of Hammond to spray 1.6 millon gallons daily of sewer into the Joyce Wildlife Management area? This is at the  northern most boundry.  When you read the pamplet at the “swamp walk” at the refuge first sentence is how fragile this area is to pollutants, floods and ect. There had to be some real false reports sent out to get this. Most sewer treatment ponds only treat about 65% of the sewer going through them.  After a heavy rain 98% of them bypass the ponds because it will not handle the volume.   This will be an enviromental night mare in a few years.

    ALAN the Prop Nut
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    Tommy Pellegrin
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