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Lady P Results 5 15 17

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    By Tony Cyprus Jr on May 15, 2017

    Based upon Accuweather and Rod N Reel tide reports,decided I needed me some dat Cane Bayou fishing medicine(therapy)and got to Cane launch around 6:15 am and by 6:30 or so,was headed S to Lady P but not before tossing Spro frog(absolutely zero takers-get impatient rather quickly),switched over to Zoom Speed Worms,Black Sapphire,and it did not take too long to hook 4,boat 3 and then make my way East towards Goose Point,where Lady P was glassy-calm and very inviting.Switched to Gulps,Swimming Mullets,Chartreuse,and while fixing nasty backlash,lure snug on bottom,felt thump,thump,thump distinctive of decent red and I was tad late on hook set but did feel hefty fish at end of line.Not long after,fishing about 18 inches of water,beast of a red(based upon his wake)nailed Gulp and I set hook hard and was starting to get nice Cajun Sleigh Ride when line went slack,not sure if hook bent(broke)or line was snapped and it did not feel like snapped line based upon resistance and I reeled in jig head and was bummed at bent jig hook!!!Put on new one and not too long after,got nice Cajun Sleigh Ride,compliments of nice red that appeared to be right at 27(turned out shade under 27-26.5)and because he was quite green when I carefully hoisted him into 94 qt chest,I did not want to risk putting him on top of chest and having him leap to freedom,like I had happen bunch of years ago wit huge doormat flounder that I inexplicably placed upon chest to measure him(why???)and watched in disbelief as he arched his back and leaped to freedom!!!Slowly made my way towards Goose Point to one of my favorite trenasses and surprised cute older couple in Alumacraft(they were wearing out bass on Mo Jo shrimp and offered me one)-who else makes de marathon paddle from Cane???The gent made a funny comment about fact that they should be working(they own their own wholesale nursery in Folsom-I own my Independent Health Insurance Brokerage)and we laughed it off!!!Did manage very fine marsh bass on Speed Worm and because Lady P was slowly beginning to growl,I made my way back,stopping every so often to toss Gulps in likely redfish spots,no takers but the water was no where near as pristine as when I first started!!Did toss some Zoom Speed Worms back in Cane and missed a few decent bass and headed in,one tired soul from early wake-up plus marathon paddle!!Ended up with 4 nice bass and nice 26.5 inch red and easily coulda had 3 reds and 8 bass!!!



    Tony Cyprus,Jr.

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