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Lady P Results 5 2 17

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    By Tony Cyprus Jr on May 3, 2017

    Hit two of my favorite SShore spots today,PowerLine Pilings and the Parish Line Canal and started tossing Spro frog in Parish Line Canal,looking for some decent bass,no takers and quickly switched to Zoom Speed Worms,JuneBug red,no takers,then hit the numerous PowerLine Pilings with the only soft plastic I seem to need,Berkely Gulp,Swimming Mullet,Chartreuse,mated to 3/8 oz painted custom-made jig heads and stuck 4 decent “grillers” in box(17-20 inch reds)and lost biggest dat woulda been red #5.Did have micro-bass spit Zoom Speed Worm or vice versa as de worm was bout twice the length of knothead bass.Think this just tip of redfish iceberg and fun sticking some “grillers” in de box,never know ya might stumble upon some decent specks at same time and location.Each of dem PowerLines,an independent reef awaiting soft plastics jigged along de bottom!!!



    Tony Cyprus,Jr.

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