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Lady P Results 5 9 17

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    By Tony Cyprus Jr on May 10, 2017

    Had excellent window of opportunity to show a fishing buddy some of my SShore fishing spots and we launched round 6:10 am at Mandeville Harbor and made the trek across a glassy-calm Lady P headed to the PowerLine Pilings,mostly the extreme Western set and once we got to our destination,my buddy was more than amazed at the the clarity and quality of the water and he hoisted a fine speck almost immediately and we both missed a few decent strikes!!Hit a few Pilings,then extremely quietly motored to nice set of pilings near a platform and had to put up with some not-too-kind words from fisher who musta felt we shut down his fishing(not)!!!My fishing buddy nabbed a few fine specks and I was initially feeling cursed til I hoisted a fine speck aboard,only to watch him bounce back in de drink!!Not long after I nabbed a fine speck,quickly followed up with decent red and we hit a set of PowerLine Pilings,where I nabbed a fat 22 inch red and the we motored over too S end of Causeway(water very dingy on SShore,unfortunately).Fishing buddy put in decent blue catfish and that was the extent of our catching,ending up with 4 nice specks,2 nice reds and a blue catfish,all fish falling for Berkeley Gulp,Swimming Mullet(twin tails version,my first fishing experience with this particular tailset-up,not bad at all).Hope to get back after some specks where we found em today and W Lady P chock full of nice platforms,any of which can harbor some fine specks!!!Guess our buddy upset dat we started putting nice fish in box while he got casting practice!!!My fishing partner and I are extremely courteous and considerate fishermen and not sure what set this solo fisher ablaze but we never got any closer than about 2.5 casting lengths away and we intended to hit this platform,regardless of whether we saw him catching anything(which we did not)and guess he was peeved that we almost immediately started hoisting hefty specks in my buddy’s ultra-fine Key West bay boat!!!




    Tony Cyprus,Jr.

    Lady P Results 5 2 17
    May 3, 2017 | No Comments
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    No owls harmed in this fishing trip!
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