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Lady P Results 6 13 17

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    By Tony Cyprus Jr on June 14, 2017

    Hoping to find some slot reds for this coming Jesuit Alumni Rodeo,I opted for early afternoon jaunt via pirogue down beloved Cane Bayou and chatted with regulars on Cane,Chad and Byron Almquist and Matt,all with Canoe and Trail and Chad told me about bumping into nice red,way up Cane and he also gave me the weather intel.Not wanting to spend my typical time bass fishing,I tossed a handful of casts with Zoom Trick Worm,Okechobee Craw with zero takers and emerged at mouth of Cane with extremely inviting Lady P conditions.Started tossing ZMan Chatterbait almost immediately and love de way dat bait mows through and aroud thick grass,like a weed eater!!!Did not take too long to entice fat 21 inch red to inhale Chatterbait and this fish put up nice fight!!He was solo and got text from Th’s fishing buddy about downpour in Mandeville and I was keeping close eye on weather(never got a drop of rain on me)!!Not sure where we gonna fish Th but hope to find more consistent redfish action and might make venture cross de Big Bridge to SShore,where I hope to find some willing and hopefully slot-sized reds and possibly decent specks!!!



    Tony Cyprus,Jr.

    Lady P Results 6 17 17
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    Lady P Results 7 18 17
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    SouthShore Reds Lady P 7 6 17
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