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Lady P Results 6 17 17

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    By Tony Cyprus Jr on June 18, 2017

    Wifey and I were entered into Jesuit Alumni Rodeo and my last few NShore trips yielded nada and we made the trek across the Big Pond and were not totally sure where we wanted to start our Lady P trip(did chat with group of guys that reported success with trolling Rattle Traps for limits of reds along SShore)and in retrospect,we shoulda started at the numerous PowerLine Pilings.We instead headed for the Parish Line Canal,targeting bass,and I missed way too many bass to count but did manage to boat 6 decent bass,had a few drag-pullers that somehow spit the Owner hook!Chatted with one basser who reported decent success at the PowerLine Pilings,so we headed back to Lake and made our way way West to corner set of PowerLine Pilings,nada on Berkeley Gulps,Swimming Mullets,and we went back to Parish Line Canal,where I missed ton of bass,my bad,and we had a mini time crunch on our hands so we headed to the PowerLine Pilings where I about immediately nabbed fat 22 inch red and moseyed to another set of Pilings and on 3 consecutive casts,put three nice reds in box (did not want to jinx 3-for-3 so I opted to hit another set of Pilings)!Caught one more nice red to make 5 and we did get greeted by LAWLF and Wifey took care of them while I continued to pound a set of pilings with nada to show,except for tiny red with 4 spots on one side and 3 on other!Made our way back in,showered and made it to Jesuit rodeo where I noted there were at least 3 reds right at 27 inches(none of ours over 22 inches)and I did stay on the board in bass division with bass of exactly 1 lb and got kicked off board 6 minutes before weigh in ended!!!Had a blast and folks always seemed amazed at the red population right here in our backyards,ready for soft plastics or Rattle Traps being trolled.We did not run into the guys that were trolling Rattle Traps and my suspicion is that they hammered them,based upon what we managed in lass than 45 minutes,at the PowerLine Pilings!!!Gonna hit em again,possibly Wed afternoon after important CE meeting on SShore!!



    Tony Cyprus,Jr.

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