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    By Oneofthepack on April 26, 2017



    No plans for a trip, (weather not looking good) go an email from Big Andrew he looking for some help Tuesday, installing a new drain plug on the 25 foot Bertram, no problem says me, me be right over. As we discussed fish while working, we decide to make a trip today, location TBD




    • Prior to leaving Big Andrew abode it was decided Lake P was going to have very little wind, this help us make our decision on where to go fish.
    • Rough night sleeping, got maybe 3 hours
    • Up early, quick shower, loaded the FORD transporter for a quick run over to Lake Shore Estates, Big Andrew boat in the sling waiting for me to show up at 6:00 AM, as usual me 15 minutes early, cannot wait to get back on the water and have a rod & reel in me hand with a fish on it.
    • HUSTON!!!!!!!!! We have a problem, wind blowing so hard ne could not open truck door, what to do, what to do. No plan “B” did we have, so a fish we will go.
    • We baton the hatches and off we went.



    • Perfect
    • S.S.E wind 18 – 20 MPH steady all day, on the way in 20 – 25 mph wind, waves over the bow.
    • Over cast day
    • Mild temps, kept jacket on all day, mostly to keep the water off of me that was coming over the gunnel, bow, and stern of the boat
    • Water level down
    • Water temp 76.8 F
    • Tide slack then started to come in, by the time we left it was coming in pretty good, the current had our lures a good 14/ to ½ bloc off trestles.
    • Water clarity on a scale of 1-7 was a 4 minus, lost the lure down about 8-10”
    • Water very rough 3-4 foot waves, made it hard to stand up, and/or feel the bites
    • Only had to deal with 2 boast anchored up on south side of the draw bridge, and they did not stay long. We just about had the whole trestles to ourselves.
    • Crazy 15 minutes 6:50 AM to 8:20 AM, bites where on, on, on, we just could not hook them, lost some trying to set the hook, steer the boat and trying to keep a tight line when reeling in.



      • Be safe
      • Have fun
      • Give the trestles a try, word was they are all along the trestles
      • See how the water clarity looked, this was me main concern, me gave us a goal of a 3 fish trip, but me guess that is way, “YOU GOT TO GO TO KNOW”!!!!!
      • Get some on the water time for Big Andrew & Oneofthepack
      • Verify the ¾ oz. jig head matched up with Matrix Shad Lemon Drop was the lure of choice along the trestles.
    • Find a spot # with the five fundamentals / criteria of catching:    


    1. WIND AT YOUR BACK: (S.S.E 18-20 mph made it rough for fishing and setting the hook, but it also had a positive impact on the trip, it keep Big Andrew boat at a low speed 1.3 to 1.5 MPH perfect for trolling. We had to keep the boat on a 30 to 45 Deg. Angel, heading south (on the west side of the trestles) into the wind, let the wind keep us away from the trestle, and at the same time slow us down, while trolling south along the trestles..
    2. MOVING WATER: (Me checked the tide early in the morning, it appeared we were going to catch the tail end of a falling tide, slack tide, and then the tide coming in. This was perfect condition for catching, once the current (tide coming in) picked up the bites where just about over, we could not keep the lures close to the trestles, they kept drifting west away from trestles.)


    1. WATER CALRITY: (Looked well (big surprise to me) all over, me hope it stays that way for a while, me know Big PJ dyeing to get back out and troll Lake P. Me guess we have to set up a trip, but will have to wait till the wind dies down a little, as the Bay Flat Jr, and the Yamaha Nightmare Machine not built right for the wind we had today.)


    1. HOLDING FISH: (North draw to mile marker 174, Silverwodners all along the trestles. We had many, Many, bites, but could not set the hook, and when we did when the Silverwodners got to the boat they feel off before we could get them in the boat.)


    1. PATIENTS: (Only took (8 minutes) to get first hit, then it was on, on, on, on all the way to around 8:15, a lot of cation to keep us concentrated on catching, and not time.) part patients not necessary.)
    • Trolling caught all fish, speed 1.3 to 1.5 MPH, boat being on an angle sometime we would lose the tight line effect, line would set on bottom. Once the boat started to move again, and the lure would move, this is when we got most of our hits, hook ups. We tried to duplicate the technique all day, with some success.


    lure du jour:


    Matrix Shad Lemon Drop matched up with ¾ oz. round lead color jig head, which is all it took. Big GUS has all the ¾ oz. jig heads you need, best stop y while he still has them, suggest you buy at least 10 to have on board, cause you app to lose 2-3 every trip if you fishing it close to the trestles like you supposed to do, mean close!




    North draw bridge heading south all the way to mile makers 174




      • Lived to fish another day
      • (27) NMR Silverwonders, 5 throw backs
      • (8) Missed at boat
      • (9) reeling in
    • Silverwodners 12-13 “no big girls caught by us. Big Andrew had a 15-16” one.
    • (2) Bottoms, (2) popped lines, lures trolling away from trestles, that is way we only lost 2
    • Get a very wet A _ _ and all other parts of me body, me don’t know who was the wettest the fish are us.
    • Grate food, drinks, snacks, as provide by Big Andrew, com to think of it he provide everything today, and all it cost me was a hand shake & a smile, of which me gladly gave him both.
    • Got a call from Mike Lane, seems he has a new toy, and wants to shoot a video down in our Disney World known as Delacroix Island, me need to set it up soon. Me hope he does as good as job as when we shot the making hot tamales video, that was w winner, expected to see it nominated at the Academy Sporting Good Store.
    • Spending a very windy morning on the water with one of the best fisherperson me know, Big Andrew
    • Best fishing trip of my life, until the next one.





    Me thought me was going to run away with it, Big Andrew struggling early, me to a 4 fish jump on him. Me suggested he change to another rod, (he fishing with those stiff trolling rod & reels) he had, and then he reposition, (facing to the stern of the boat) himself in the boat, got a different angel on them and the match was on.


    It was on, on, for both of us, he would get hot, then me would get hot, me think we each caught the same, but he had the biggest Silverwonder of the day, so me coincided that he Fisherperson of the day, his boat what can me say, learn this trick form Big PJ, me want to go again.




    Now is the time for all good fisherpersons to come to the aid of the Silverwonders and help them survive.




    Fisherpersons that is jealous is not in love.




    Nothing plan, day by day, weather, wind, making it hard to make a decision to go. BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “YOU GOT TO GO TO KNOW”

    Good Fishing


    Team Jo-Jo & Oneofthepack

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