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Life is a Journey, Keep Fishing!

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    By Wanda Stewart on August 8, 2018

    What a blast I had this afternoon fishing with Captain David Charbonnet right out the back door we made a 15 minute run that turned into an awesome fight when the fish hit. It was a great way to end the day and if you want some of this redfish action call Captain Dave!
    ‭+1 (228) 493-3474‬

    We were fishing the drop off from 3’-30’ in the Rigolets on a falling tide. We had 65# braid, 3-4 oz egg weight, to a 200# swivel (Palomar Knot), to 60# Suffix mono to an Eagle Claw Circle Sea 9/0 red, to a whole crab with back peeled off and legs cut at the knuckles. Rigged so the crab doesn’t spin too bad. And then cast to the deeper water and let the tide “roll” or “bounce” it back along the drop off.

    Fishing is my life and sharing it is my dream and no matter the obstacles along the way it has been an awesome journey!

    I am now a fifty partner in Rodnreel.com the first hunting and fishing website on the internet in 1995 and still gets over 20,000 unique hits a month.

    I have been appointed as an ambassador for sharing our Louisiana culture by our Lieutenant Governor Billy
    Nunguesser and several magazines want me to contribute with writing about our fishing industry but I want to give credit to so many of our female anglers who deserve to be noticed. So hopefully in the near future this can happen.

    Thanks for all your support every one! Fish On!


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