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Maker 54 Shrimp hookless

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    By Oneofthepack on May 12, 2018



    Lure Intel, (Marker 54 hard plastic shrimp, bough 2 (@ $10 & $15 apiece) of them at Gonzales Boat Show, had a problem. (see attach picture)  first time me used the 3” shrimp lure, emailed Marker 54 looking for some assistance,  me email & their response below.


    The H&H hook is not very good , we have a since changed that out to a #1 stainless split ring with a #2 treble hook. You can get that hook at and split ring at any sporting goods store that sells fishing gear. 

    Sorry for the hook problems. I was trying to use a USA made hook but they just don’t work very well. 



    Marker 54 
    On May 11, 2018, at 2:16 PM, Stanley Fink <stanleyfink@charter.net> wrote:


    I purchased (2) Live Shrimp lures (one big & one small) at boat show in Gonzales Louisiana few months back, finally got to try lure, second cast a 14” red, put it up, when I went back out the hook had falling off, (small shrimp) can you please mail, (Stanley Fink 222 Nicklaus Dr. Slidell Louisiana 70458) me another hook. 

    I’m use to the hook, I fished with the H&H spinner baits that hook had to be installed on lure, don’t know what happen hook feel off before my next trip.

     If you cannot mail me a hook, please advise where I can buy one.


    AS me read their response it is my understanding that they have a problem with hooks they provide, but are still selling them with that type hook.

    I took their advice went to GUS to get split ring & trouble hook, it was almost impossible to install a #1 split ring, GUS tried for a few minutes, me had to leave told him me would pick up on the way back from ballgame.

    Anyways me now have a lure me paid $10 for, and with the added cost to put split ring & hook on me now up to $16, me think me where the Silverwonder this time.

    Hook problem aside, me sure like the lure, looks great in the water, me know this Silverwonder would definitely hit it the water with the right presentation, hell me even hit it on land.

    Anyone else have a problem with kooks on Makers 54 hard plastic shrimp lure???

    Good Fishing


    Team Jo-Jo & Oneofthepack

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