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    By creatify on February 28, 2006

    I went on a goose hunting trip with david smith in welsh mid january. this guy needs to hang up his guide cloths and get him a job at that food resturant cajun tails (for those who have hunted with him know what im talking about)he was more worried about people stepping on the grass than making sure we were ready for the geese. all we did was hop from levee to levee. and when the geese would be on the final approach, this is when he would tell us to move and it would flare the birds.the next morning we went hunting in a place where we had duck decoys in front and goose decoys in back. that morning he was more intrested in ducks than geese when we payed for a goose trip,another thing he did was he yelled at one of the members of my party,which was totally wrong. at the end of our hunt he appoligized to us yelling at us.well i will never go with him again .im going to make a trip every year to go goose hunting but it will not be with him.

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