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MidLife Crisis-MLC Charters-Capt. Dan

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    By creatify on February 14, 2006

    . . . . . . .VENICE RECOVERY UPDATE . . . . . .

    Made a quick run to Venice yesterday to do some work on my camp. I had been away for almost a week (my longest stretch all winter), and it was amazing what has been done. For those who have seen this area from the beginning of this horror, Venice is looking GREAT! Power lines have been strung down the Jump road and the “juce” can’t be far behind. Water has been restored to Venice and to Boothville. Lots and lots of work is currently progressing as FEMA and Corps crews cart away tons and tons of debris every day. One noticeable addition is FEMA trailers that dot the landscape. I counted more than 30 FEMA trailers that have been set up just this week. That may not sound like much but, believe me, that’s a lot! Only a few trailers are hooked to electricity; they are the ones located just along Hwy. 23. None of the side streets have power yet.

    Williams Ave. in Boothville, where my camp is located, is almost cleared of the rubble and trash. A great ministry group, headed by Rev. Max Latham, currently has 40 volunteers in town from far away places like California and Michigan. These guys have come at their own expense to help out in the clean up. The guys from Michigan even brought heavy equipment to help clear away the debris. They have almost cleared all the trash and destroyed homes on Williams Ave. Thank you. Thank you! THANK YOU!!!! They are a genuine blessing to us all.

    The sewer system is being worked on and according to the PP web site, it should be up and running in about a week. If you want power connected to your trailer you must contact the Parish and obtain the necessary permits, (which are free), and make application to the appropriate agency.

    As people have come down to fish with me they have all been shocked by the devastation. Many have asked me, “Don’t you get depressed with all this destruction around you?” I guess it would be easy to be depressed but I can’t feel that way. My home has been destroyed. My marsh is all torn up. My business has taken a major hit. However, every day brings new excitement over the progress that is being made. I see new life popping up all around me. When I first moved back to Boothville there were no misquitoes, gnats, birds, lights, ships on the river, or sounds at night. It was eerie! Now, the birds are back, the sound of generators echo at night, the misquitoes and gnats will carry you off after 4:30 in the afternoon, and people are returning to paradise. How can you get depressed when your sick friend starts to recover from the edge of death? Venice–Boothville–Buras–Empire–Port Sulphur are coming back. AND IT WILL BE BETTER THAN EVER!!!!! I am reminded of the Scripture that reads: “Weeping will last for a night, but joy comes in the morning.” Come on down and share the joy as these communities come alive again! Depressed? Not me! I’m fishing again and it can’t get no betta than that!!!!

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