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    By creatify on February 23, 2006

    Q. from Chris Morris: I’m
    wanting to make sure I have the most official tide chart read outs. Is there
    anyway you could tell me where you pull the information from? Or perhaps it is
    some sort of prediction algorithm? (I know you couldn’t tell me anything about
    that with trade secrets and all.)

    A. from Mike Lane: The tide
    predictions are derived from formula developed by NOAA.
    These predictions are predetermined many years in advance 30-50 years and are
    constant. They involve the positions of the sun and moon and are
    integrated with observed data for many years by NOAA.

    Depending on where you are
    fishing or hunting the times and ranges of real tides can be severely affected
    by the wind. Especially in Louisiana and Texas. In these cases the
    predictions are way off and these predictions are sometimes not very useful.

    There are other approaches that
    could be used and in some locations are used. With modern electronics tides can be measured in real time and graphed over a period of time.
    These real time reporting stations are in short supply because of the
    government’s reluctance to fund these type of projects. None of these
    predict future tides, but I feel that when you can find these real-time stations
    for your area you can do your own amateur predictions that can be helpful.


    One day I predict that
    scientists will integrate real-time monitoring with current weather data,
    weather prediction weighted by existing tide predictions and the results will be
    greatly enhanced.

    Bad news is that it takes money and fishermen and
    hunters in wind affected areas have a very tiny voice.

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