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Monitoring / Intel / Learning = Catching

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    By Oneofthepack on September 9, 2017

    Team Jo-Jo


    Friday woke up decided to go work out, routine for same requires a tour of all the land fishing spots as me travel to Cross Gate health club.


    Me was about to give up on finding Silverwonders to catch, but as me passed by one of the honey holes me monitor on ride to club, me saw a familiar face, that be Big Cadillac, he be king fisherperson of the landlubber crew.


    I could see from the bend in his pole he had a fish on, after a few second in came a nice 13” Silverwonder. Parked the FORD transporter and watched as he and other where pulling in Silverwonders, not a trout slam, but it was steady action.


    Continued me journey to the end, turned around and on the way out me got out of the FORD transporter to check out the particulars of what required for some Silverwonder action.


    All the action, (as they was 4-5 other fisherpersons using the same rig / technique) and that be Big Cadillac’s creation, which me have seen him fish and catch with many times.


    He starts with a swivel, then makes a shad rig knot with (2) line hanging down. One line is 4-6” long, and to this he ties a 3/8 oz. bank sinker.


    On the other line 3.5 to 4 foot he ties a small gold perch hook. Lure of choice is a small 1.5 to 2” minnow clear with silver sparkles in it and the hook appears to be just into the head of the lure.


    Presentation is a little different then what me use. Throw out across current, let go to the bottom, then give the rig a (2) bump jerk action and then let sit, just keep repeating this 2 bump action, It looked to me that the fish would hit lure when it was resting on bottom after 2 bumps.


    I have been monitoring this spot for a while, the week before saw reds and drums being caught. But prior to me leaving Big Cadillac he had  12 plus creel of Silverwonders 12-13” long in his box, which has excited me to no end, and me feeling a lot better of fishing / action to come.


    At the CCA meeting (past) Wednesday in Mississippi all the guides had some good Intel, one of the comments they all agreed to was that the Silverwonders are being caught under the lights in and around Treasure Island.


    Oneofthepack asked a questing at meeting about shiners, and are they good for red fish catching, me learned they are. Me just learned a year or two ago that croakers are good to catch red fish. Anyway with all the shiners me saw / caught down in Delacroix, me think me will have to give them a try.


    ALL guides where also in agreement, that “LESS IS BEST”, (i.e. swivels, snaps, leaders, weights, etc., etc.) when fishing with lures and / or bait, (This has been Team Jo-Jo’s technique / presentation from day one) you just want enough on your line to get it slowly down to the bottom. Slack tide me would fish free line, just a hook, and bait just let it float to the bottom, as it descends you will pass through the level the fish are in. Slack tide (re: lure) me start with 1/8 oz. heads, increase, weight (re: bait / lure just enough) as tide / current increase


    ALL of the above confirms Team Jo-Jo motto, “YOU GOT TO GO TO KNOW” and know this, a go we will.


    Good Fishing


    Team Jo-Jo & Oneofthepack


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