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    By creatify on February 16, 2006

    I am responding to C-Way No More’s entry.  I have also decided to take my business elsewhere than at C-Way Marina in Lafitte.  I have been launching at C-Way Marina since I got my new Boat and we have been down there 4 times since the beginning of the year.  Two weeks ago, was the last time that I will spend my money there

    In our situation, with my 12 year old boy, we arrived early and fished hard all day.  We got back to the dock around 3:05 pm, watching another boat being hoisted out of the water.  I have previously met Donovan who is Mr. Hinton’s son.  As we moved our boat up to be hoisted, he was cussing and looked very irritated.  I was wondering why?  I asked, and he said that the hoist closed at 3:00pm and we should have known better to come after 3:00.  There are no signs, nor was I told of the hours of the Hoist. He said there were new hours (not posted) and I should have known. He was not polite, and I did not appreciate him cursing in front of my son.

    We pulled away and were securing the boat next to the boat that was just hoisted before us.  He said that he was treated the same way, and had been coming there for over 10 years.  He also had young children with him, and vowed not to return either.

    I will not launch there. Ever.

    Just wanted to share my experience.


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