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Nice day at Delacroix

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    By J Dubbs on December 22, 2017

    Fair-weather fishermen were out in droves yesterday so since I’m one of them it was my day to go too.  Decided to choose solitude over popularity so I got off the beaten path and it turned out to be a good choice.  Caught fish in 4 different places (same general area) and had it practically to myself.  I usually like other fishermen but the discourteous ones tend to get my goat.  I fish for pleasure and discouteous people interupt my pleasure and make it not fun.  Found most bayous and canals had nice grass beds on both sides and working those edges is what caught most of my fish. I was using a sparkle beetle on a 1/8 oz. jig head. The tide was going out all morning at the speed I like and the water looked pretty good everywhere that I went.  With the warmer water of late I found the fish to be a little scattered but active.  They seemed to be looking for something to eat.  Nice relaxing day doing something I really enjoy.  Ended up with 25 specks and 5 chunky bass at about 12:30pm.  Arrived back at Lionel’s only to find one of the back down ramps blocked by some unfortunate guy  whose truck would not pull his huge boat out of the water even when assisted by his 250hp outboard engine.  Someone finally convinced him to re-launch his boat and use the other ramp as it was less steep.  This did the trick and he was then soon on his way home.  Over the years I have encountered this problem fairly often.  Remember, the boat you launch is the boat you will have to pull up the ramp……….can you do it?



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