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Not Yet (for me)

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    By eastofmrgo on September 14, 2017

    Not Yet, (for me.)

    After the front passed , wife asked, “why you aint fishing”? “To soon“, (according to my records) , BUT, the seed was planted to give my favorite fall winter spots a try. Stop for gas and a quick launch at Pelican Point had me heading to Byu Biloxi before sunrise(barely). Course change had me chunkin at the Magill Break right at sunrise, that’s when I discovered the dirty water and no tide to speak of. Lots of bait and action on the banks but not looking for reds , so off to False mouth. Tried a couple of spots in Bay Marron with the same results, dirty water and not much tide around points. Got to Bob’s lakes and found tide moving thru a break and birds diving . Three casts produced 2 gaff tops and 1 10” speck. Tried several spots with tide lines in Bob’s lakes area with only dirty water , gaff tops and 1 red (returned to the shoreline to harass the minnows). The Red was destined to get in the boat, When I set the hook and he made the first of many runs, the net was still stowed under the tackle box behind the seat, stumbled around and finally got it out and handle extended, all the time the red was all around and under the boat, before being landed. If I had a plan to keep a red the battle would not have lasted near as long, lol. Made a move to Eugenie and into Crooked Byu where the water started to clean up some, few casts at muscle bay with no bites and moved to Mack’s pass where the water was not as clean, but got on a good trout bite from 11” fish, 15 fish only managed 3 keepers. Made it to cutoff and a few lagoons along BB and only added I keeper. Called it a day about noon and headed back across a supinely calm Lake Borgne, made a stop at a rig and added 2 specks to the box.
    Might give it another week or two before heading back to the marsh, guess the windy week had the water dirtied up more than I would have thought.
    Water clarity, lake Borgne, 5 on 1-10 scale, all lakes and bays tried 5, deeper in the marsh 7, Rigolets 5. Wind SSW 5-10 and gusty. Tide still to falling. Water temp 71-75. Tried Holy Moly and lemonhead matrix under a cork and tight lined , and ¼ oz gold spoon.
    6 trout 12-13”
    1 red 26” (throw back)
    Many small trout
    Many gaff tops

    So much for a plan
    March 23, 2018 | No Comments
    Just plain good fishing
    September 27, 2017 | No Comments
    Fishing with the PERCH WHISPERER
    January 18, 2017 | No Comments

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    1. My phone works, nice outing

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