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22 Oct

Land For Sale in Alabama-Youtube and SEO For Your Realtor Website

If you are try to implement SEO on your website YouTube and other social media is a great place to start.

I will go over the process which is very simple on how to use YouTube; I will add several links to YouTube so you can get more information from their site and create an account if you don’t have one. The first thing you need to do is visit http://YouTube.com and create yourself an account after that the process is very simple. The second step after setting up your YouTube account is shoot your video and the simplest way is just use your smart phone. We will be able to handle multiple YouTube videos and I suggest taking several videos. Six to nine sixty to ninety second videos will get viewed many more times than one ten to fifteen minute video. Step three is uploading or e-mailing your video to YouTube account and which way will depend on what phone you have and if you have a YouTube app on your phone. If you have a phone like the HTC Hero you will need to enter your e-mail address into your contact folder and that will give you the ability to e-mail your videos directly to your YouTube account. If you have the new I4 by Apple you can upload directly to your YouTube account.

Now for some SEO of your videos, once you shoot your video and you have it uploaded to your account you need to login to your YouTube account and click on your user name and then my videos. Once you have your videos lined up you need to click on the edit button to the video you would like to work first. Now here are a few things most people never think about and I can’t stress enough how important it is, you need to give your video a good strong title, description and make sure you tag it right. Here are a few reasons to title, describe and tag your videos, this will let the search engines find and properly index your video and will help raise the page rank of your own site and makes your listing and video much more likely to get hit when a query is done on land or houses in your area.

If you are thinking about or working on your site, or getting your company website to rank better social media and YouTube if worked properly can help in the process. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are great for one way back links that you need if you want Google to move you up in the rankings. You have to have at least one back link before Google will even start to rank you and the more back links you have the better but you also need to beware of what kid of back links and what quality the links are.

If you are concerned about your company website and its Google PR (page rank) and are think about doing some SEO on your own take advantage of our new YouTube and work your videos the right way to help with your websites rankings as well as giving you potential clients what they want, pictures, information and more often nowadays video.

In 2000 Chuck and his wife Lindey developed a website called Mississippi-Landsource.com. The website was launched for uniting the real estate market in Land For Sale In Mississippi. In 2009 more sites were launched as sister sites for other states like Land For Sale In Louisiana and Land For Sale In Alabama
22 Oct

The Experience Of Alaska Salmon Fishing For Tourists

With upwards of 75% of all North America’s supplies coming from there, Alaska salmon fishing is very significant. Because of this, many boats offer paid fishing trips hunting the valuable species. The outings are great for anyone with a passion for the water and great outdoors who isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty. One of the delights of this type of expedition is that there are always fish ready to be caught. It is also home to some record-breaking finds.

The waters of Alaska need to be treated with respect, both for the welfare of the fish and for those who sail on them. There are many salmon fishing excursions offered around the Peninsula. Many of these services offer a chance to catch one of these fish first-hand, and maybe even set a new record. Care should always be taken when considering excursion to join so that a safe and enjoyable trip can happen. Only some of the boat tours will conduct an excellent day out, which normally links in with the experience and professionalism of the guide.

Going out on the rivers with a professional guide will prove an excellent insight into Alaska salmon fishing. Heading out with someone who knows the water will create chance of there being rich waters and plenty of fish. Professional guides will understand the safety requirements of taking guests out on the water, and will follow them rigidly. In addition to this they will also take great caution to follow all guidelines that have been made to maintain the fish levels.

In the right hands, a group can have a beneficial day on the water. This is why it is important to read testimonials from others who have gone Alaska Salmon fishing to see what they say. Reviews often reveal information on the personality of the tour leader, the atmosphere created on the boat and the likely success to be had by new clients. They may also give further information, such as good places to stay during the trip or rated restaurants to satisfy that craving for seafood.

A day out on an Alaska salmon fishing boat requires a lot of energy, which is why it’s always good to have a souvenir of the day. Some tours will include free fish processing and packing so that guests can take their catches home with them. This is a great idea for those who want to catch and eat the freshest salmon they will every try. This pleasing combination of a great day and a delicious accolade is what makes Alaska fishing such a winner.

Finding for a best packages on fishing or hunting in Alaska? With Alaska salmon fishing, you can rest assured that you will have a great and successful fishing experience. A more rich guide on packages is available and we strongly suggest to follow here.
22 Oct

Product Warranties’ And The Unscrupulous Buyers

There are many aspects to internet marketing, but one of the best is create and sell your own product such as an eBook. First you have to find a niche, second you have to research it, and third you have to write or have it written. Once written that product as to be advertised to the world using a sales page and a customer reading that page either buys or rejects it. That is a good way to start internet marking.

You must have witnessed this yourself. How many times have you read a sales page only to be disappointed by the results of the eBook; which promised so much? The sales page did not lie, but somewhere in the product the excitement died, and the reader/buyer was left high and dry wanting to ask more questions, and left feeling alone.

Is the product creator misleading the buyer, or is the buyer expecting too much. Well I think neither; the truth I feel is in the promotion of the product. An eBook is different in many ways from the hard copy book you see in a bookshop where you can take it from the shelf and examine it closely before you buy it. The eBook on the other hand has to be promoted by the sales page and by email, and basically the customer does not know what they are buying until it is delivered; which in most cases is instantly.

There is good news however for the buyer, as most eBooks do have at least a 60 day guarantee, which most product owners respect and deliver on. This is fine, but there are some unscrupulous buyers who purchase eBooks, and then demand a refund; and because the eBook is electronic and cannot be returned, the complaining customer retains that eBook for free. Fortunately this does not happen a lot, because most customers are honest, and somehow choose not to ask for a refund. I have had the odd customer requesting a refund on “photofortune” and yes it does bother me as it takes time to refund that product, which can be more annoying than losing the sale.

Now I want to address this article to the product owners, or budding eBook writers warning them that this can be a problem and that they should allow for it at the eBook conception. I also want to details some ways around these problems giving the owner a better chance of success.

First I want to say the product creator that when writing an eBook, value for money to the customer should be the driving force, in fact I can say I delivery far more than the asking price, so that when a customer asks for a refund, I can safely assume they are trying it on. There are however genuine customers who do buy your eBook and who ask for a refund on a genuine basis, but these customers are few and far between and easily spotted.

Secondly, in some ways I do not mind giving a customer their money back because what I provide in my product is years of genuine expertise, and I know that that expertise is not passed in on full to the customer wanting the product for free. I find it very difficult to explain, but can you think for yourself a situation in the past where you have gained something unjustly, used that product and never felt the benefit from it.

If this has never happened to you, let me put it another way, say you want to buy a small TV and you have a choice of buying one for $ 50 or $ 500. If the $ 50 breaks down just over the 1st year, then you except it, and think “well it owes me nothing”. If on the other hand the $ 500 TV breaks down in the same time period, you are straight back to the store demanding satisfaction, or else. Well I find that it is the same with my products, if somebody is want it for nothing, I will give them it knowing they will gain nothing from it. They have paid nothing, and some thing in their brain decides that since they have paid nothing, they deserve nothing. These customers are best left to punish themselves. I can sleep easily knowing that, but can they?

The 3rd way to keep a customer satisfied is to extend, (not decrease), the warranty period. Let me explain. If you were to buy a product but had only a 7 day warranty what would you do? You would spend those 7 days examining every aspect of that product to see if it is fit for purpose. Basically you would be looking for faults. You would be expecting problems. However say you were to extend the warranty period to 90 days or longer, the customer must change their perspective on that product. They basically would not be looking for faults and the product owner is confident within themselves that there product is good. This will be reflected on the buyer knowing that the product owner is confident enough to extend the warranty, thus concluding to the buyer that the product is more than fit for purpose. Both then have confidence that it is a good product. It also makes it difficult for somebody to return such a product, unless their reasons are sound.

The 4th way to keep a customer satisfied may seam more drastic and that is to give the customer a life time of free upgrades. The first thing you may think is that when the product is upgraded there is an opportunity to sell more to that customer. Well yes and no. That possibility dies exist as you could charge $ 50 for the fist product and say $ 60 for the second. You could also say that since you bought the first product the second will be upgraded at a 50% reduction. This strategy has to be calculated before the product launch and as every product is different this maybe the way to go. The way I look at it is that if the first product is worth $ 50, I like to give at least $ 100 value. If I were to create a second product, then I would have to deliver a product worth say $ 60 and give at least $ 120 worth of value. Now we are talking about upgrades, not new products and there is a massive difference. The second upgrade of $ 60 must them be $ 60 above the value of the $ 50 to give a product of $ 110. It is not a new product of $ 60 because much of the original material will be retained, and an upgrade is what it says, an upgrade of an existing product and not a new product. Do you see the subtle difference? Many people say to me that I am brave offering such a dealt, but I am not, it is just good business. I will give you an example; say you were selling an eBook of fishing for trout for $ 30 in the first year. In the second year, you will have to upgrade that cater for changes within that year. What would change? The equipment would change, maybe the fishing laws would change, maybe some new fishing techniques would emerge; but nothing drastic would have to be written to the existing eBook. So you could sell the same eBook with the upgrades for $ 40, but you would loose a lot of existing customers, and their support as they will know that the new book is a rehash of the old. Now as the years go on, this eBook is growing and developing into a fantastic product, with a fantastic reputation.

Do you see what I am driving at, keep your existing customers loyal and many doors will open up for you; no least the recommendations from existing customers. You can almost here them saying “hey there is this great eBook on the market that gives free upgrades for life, and if you do not like it, it has an extended guarantee, you cannot loose”. This way if somebody wants their money back, they lose out on the free upgrades.

Now this also opens doors for creating a community within the original product. This then would lead to further ventures. You could start your own forum and let matters run themselves, like some product creators have done, which in itself has helped to prosper the buyers further from their initial $ 50 outlay.

You maybe thinking the upgrading the initial eBook takes time and money; yes it does but for every upgrade you are increasing the initial cost. The original buyer pays nothing, but the new buyers to your systems will be charged a higher initial rate.

Why would they pay the extra, simple, because your reputation as a the creator will increase as your credibility increases with increasing value for money for the buyer. The sales of you business will increase with your increasing credibility. Where did all this stem from? From you initial integrity as the product creator and seller. So what is the most important lesson in this? Your integrity from the very beginning!

22 Oct

FreeAdGuru Steven says it’s about pre-selling

Don’t promote the merchandise Do the preselling.I’d prefer to marry this thought with wonder. Yes, yes don’t frown in the term, I’ve previously stated that miracle may be of everything you imagine the realisation. So if all of your brain pictures are crime, then be it. That’s not my problem.
Likely on-land or to the casino, may it be online, you have to pre-market for your mind that you’re eligible for consider more income house than that which you have inside your wallet.
Shame may be the best factor that binds one to yesteryear. Shame,that’s been permitted to possess a voice.And the speech noisy… criticizing continuously asking, and encouraging you that should you “are great ” you then wont lose money that is much. Forgive yourself this time. you can alter the near future although you can’t alter yesteryear.
Don’t be selfish. Be realistic. You will find desires requirements and you will find. Earning cash isn’t a need, it’s a wish. Having a top over your face, food inside something and your belly to protect the body are requirements.
Obviously you’re eligible for need. Simply don’t fool oneself that it’s a need.
Imagine yourself using the benefits of your day inside your fingers. Don’t drive by selecting the picture of the slot machine game or desk to look this image also fresh, you’ll simply obtain the image incorrect.
Enable your subconcious mind to accomplish that portion of it. This implies that you worry or can’t believe much!
State: Cash, Cash arrived at me
Arrived at me today
Therefore it is likely to be when I talk!
Clap both hands together 3 times. Be objective. Realize that your requesting cash brings you it.
Before you start playing you are able to claim this as frequently while you need. You then quit.
Relax. Have fun. Realize that whatever is intended for you’ll come the right path, mainly because youdid the pre- now all you’ve got to complete and marketing is: Confidence and have confidence in World and the Founder.
Have a few occasions to consider what I said.
Miracle is preselling for the subconcious using feelings and the brain as resources to produce the picture you would like. That’s all besides thinking you’ve got to complete. Such things as traditions and oils may sidetrack the brain, to ensure that the mind to work.

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22 Oct

Simple Blogging SEO Tips

I have posted articles on search engine optimization in my blog but I thought writing more about new things about seo will be better tackling new way on how to get a good ranking on search engines.

To get the needed targeted traffic in search engines such as Google, you need your blog, and your post to prominently show in the top ten search engine results. There are also tools to determine the rank of every keyword in key phrase to be used in the titles and first paragraph of the post to be able to get high ranking.

There are two factors affecting search engine ranking of a blog – on-page and off-page optimization. The former means that you have to make use of high ranking keywords to be used on your post (meaning putting it in the title or the first paragraph of the text) and off-page optimization which is getting quality back links pointing to your blog and its pages.

To on-page optimize your blog, as what I stated in my earlier posts:

* Keywords – it is what the search engine look for in your title tag and the content of your post when someone type it in the search engine. When you search on a particular phrase, the title or the content of the web page with the exact phrase you have searched for will be the first to be shown on search engine results.

* On page relevancy – since Google has tweaked its algorithms on title tags, it now requires that your page/posts should have relevancy to your title in a particular keyword your choose. It simply means that your title has a particular keyword that is being search and some of it is also found in your posts.

For off-page optimization:

* Get a lot of one way links – since link-exchange and reciprocal links no longer works and it will only clutter your site template Google looks at it with a frown. But one-way links is the best way to get page rank they said but I said since page rank does not contribute much in the search engine ranking, links to your posts from other sites with a particular keyword.

It means that many sites links to your blog with a particular keyword your blog page located on your title post and on the body post itself your blog page will show higher on search engine results.

Let us say your blog post is about “niche fishing”, and there are thousand of links pointing to your page from the anchor text “niche fishing” your page will be put on the top list of the search engine when someone look for the term. But don’t jump on creating links like this yet.

Search engine looks at the thousand of links going to a blog especially if it’s new as a link spam, and your effort will be wasted.

* One way links with the right anchor text (ex. “niche fishing”) pointing to your post from other sites. Links should come from variety of locations (let us say forums with different ip address, social networking sites that are not owned by just one owner (know what I mean).

* Do not overuse the keyword or same anchor text in your link building effort. Just one keyword pointing to your blog post will trigger search engine suspicion.

* Creating links to your blog should be done minimally at leas 8-10 links a day will be enough in order for your blog post not to be put in the Google Sandbox.

Getting back link is easy but requires a lot of effort. You can manually submit your own created articles or rehash content from private label articles to article directories.

Here are some of the article directories that you can submit your articles:

Articledashboard.com GoArticles.com Ezinearticles.com Isnare.com ArticleHub.com ArticleCity.com

Or you can use a software called Article Submitter that I use in submitting articles to 300+ article directories manually or automatically.

If you have problems creating content, I suggest you grab PLR articles, and rewrite it using Article Content Spinner or other article rewriting software’s to avoid duplicate content issue.

Join forums. Look for forums that allow user signature. Use title of your blog and its link as your sig file. Be active in forums and post or reply to posts. Read the rules however in posting so that you will not get banned.

You can also avail of the Forum Assistant Pro in handling various forums on your account.

Minor methods but highly popular is leaving comments on other blogs. You can use as your username your blog title in posting comments. However, you should be posting comments that are fitted on the posts or else your comments will be considered spam by the blog owner.

That’s my simple tips in optimizing your blog using search engine optimization. Watch out for more tips on making money blogging.

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