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    By creatify on March 1, 2006

    After (2) days (Sat & Sun)  on a balcony on St Ann & Bourbon, had enough of Mardi Gras, took a day off and had our own parade at “THE PEN” out of bayou Bievenue.

    Got a late start, on the water for 9:00 am, first Silver Wonder at 9:22 am.

    Wind from the e.s.e. 5 – 8 mph, sunny mild day, water clarity on a scale of 1 – 7 was a 6 plus.

    Purple beetle was the lure of choice, and the technique was to throw it out and start working it back to you, (slowly) with an upward jerk, let the lure fall, line tighten up. They would hit you on the fall. We where not fishing the bottom.

    Their was about 9 – 10 boats in “THE PEN”. All of them seem to be catching trout.

    It was not a trout slam, but steady action, and a lot of fun just to relax on the water away from the crowds.

    Our Reward:

    • (24) Silver Wonders, (12) throw backs 50/50 ratio.

    We will be back at them this weekend, will be heading to Delacroix Isle, Big T-Doc, and his brother from Alabama wants to make a trip Saturday.

    Sunday daughterofthepack, and son-inlawofthepack will be hunting those Silver Wonders out where ever they are hiding, and hope to catch a few for dinner. Depending on Saturday results, we will be at Delacroix, and/or “THE PEN”.

    Mardi Gras was fun, and Fat Tuesday was a blast, it was good to see people smiling and having fun for a change.

    Hope it had a positive effect on all Louisianan, USA, and the world. It helped Oneofthepack, and ours a lot.

    We are all charged up and ready to continue rebuilding our state back to our pre storm condition.

    See you all out and about, until then:

    Good Fishing


    P.S. Amy they had (3) Kayak’s in “THE PEN” they had about (30) trout and a couple of reds. Thought it might have been you and friends, but when I called out Amy no response.

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