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    By creatify on February 20, 2006

    What a story for a Sunday trip at “THE PEN” out of Bayou Bievenue!!!

    Too much partying at Daughterofthepack’s house Saturday night and too many home made hot tamales to get up Early Sunday.

    Oneofthepack laying in bed, (8:15 am Sunday), really did not want to go fishing, really did not want to go to work, so Like with all major decisions in my life, flipped a coin, heads go fishing, tails do whatever, HEADS IT WAS.

    Loaded up the truck with trolling motor, battery, poles, fishing box etc… Headed to house in Chalmette, hitched up “THE PEN” bay boat.

    Reached the launch around 8:50 am, started to load the bay boat up, and get her ready to launch.

    A fisherpersons drives up, gets out, looks around, and walks over my, ask he is it all right to fish here, says I they will run you off, this is why I use the flat boat.

    He says I have been eyeing this spot for a long time and really would like to fish it.

    I ask do you have poles, yes was the answer, I say get your poles and lets go, what says he, I repeat get your poles in the bay boat and lest give this area a try.

    We reached our honey hole in 3 minutes; fisherperson makes his first cast, (Tube worm green in color). I keep a close eye on him, after his first cast I knew he was an avid fisherperson, with possible bass fishing back ground.

    WE introduce each other, he Big Eddie Long from Ohio, electrician that came down to help re-build CHALMETTE, LOUISIANA, (Yes to the rest of the world, places other then New Orleans was damaged).

    I offered Big Eddie one of our lures we use; Big Eddie proceeds to tell me that confidence in your lure is what it takes, and that he has caught many fish on tube worm. What a comment like that (confidence in lure) I knew Big Eddie and I had to be more related then just Adam & Eve.

    Nothing at our honey hole, we make a few more stops, then decide to drift across ”THE PEN”, was not long before Oneofthepack had a little silver wonder on board, then 3 more, we dropped anchor, caught a keeper this time.

    Suggested to Big Ed he put the purple beetle w/ ¼ oz round white head w/gold hook on.

    This is when I knew Big Ed had been around………, on went the purple bait.

    We continued our drift, and got close to where we wanted to concentrate, dropped anchor.

    We both made many cast, then Big Ed tags a nice Silver Wonder, then another, then another, then another.

    Seems Big Eddie forgot to tell me his whole name “STEADY EDDIE” lets just say that Oneofthepack knew how it was to fish with Big Glenn, but I was Glenn this time.

    I keep my eye on Steady Eddie, did what he did, but he keep going given me lessons.

    Notice he was spraying something on his lure, (anise oil) smelled like licquish hell I wanted to eat the purple beetle me.

    Seems Big Ed spent around $800.00 on rods, reels (bait casters) tackle boxes, lures, and a $90.00 fishing licenses.
    He is working 7days a week, 12 hour days, not much time for fishing, But today the had a problem on site, and gave them the day off, so as any good fisherperson would do Ed went fishing.

    Around 2:00 Pm, told Bid Ed he could have all the fish, Ed indicated he did not have a way to cook them, but he would like to take a picture of the fish.

    Our Reward

        * (48) Silver Wonders (26) throw backs

    Wind fomr the e.n.e. 5 – 8 mph, cloudy, water clarity on a scale of 1 – 7, was a 7 plus.

    Great says I, let’s go to my place and well fry them up and eat some, so I followed Big Ed to his place, picked him up, brought him to our place in the French Quarter.

    Loveofthepack was entertaining her workout ladies, they where have soup, hot tamales, wine, chesses, dessert, and
    Much more.

    Ask I, any body ready for some fresh fried trout, no was the answer full.

    Ask Loveothepack to put a frying pan out, cleaned up some of those Silver wonders, salt & pepper, dumped in corn meal, put them silver wonders on the table, guess what the crew was not as full as they though. We put away about (16) pieces
    of trout.

    After we where sure Big Ed had plenty of trout, soup, hot tamales, etc. we brought him back to Chalmette, and left him with an invitation to go with us again, anytime he has some time off.

    Oneofthepack was humbled by Big Ed, but was the greatest fishing trip of my life, until the nest one.

    We will be back at them next week, see you all out and about, and if you see a long haired, coverall covered looking fisherperson, please offer to take him fishing, he will teach you the ways of fishing from up north way, until then:

    Good Fishing


    Pictures for this Report! Big Ed in “THE PEN”

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