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Ought To Be Fishing Charters/Capt. Kerry Audibert

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    By creatify on February 15, 2006


    Went out of Bayou Bienvinue this evening due to a change in plans to run to the Boloxi Marsh. I had to take a look see this evening after the extremely cold weather and hard nortwest blow that we recently had. Cecil the “Producer” and Pat Trainor were along for the late evening run. Forecasted 5-10 mph was “cranking” steady at 15-20!!! Despite the fact the fish were there! Not fast and furious, but steady!! Break back out the corks as the water tempature has already reached the low 60s and start your typical fall fishing again. Color didn’t seem to matter as long as you were under a cork! We made two stops and managed a pretty box of 49 nice trout averaging 14″ and the biggest at 19″!! Great action all evening with just as many throwbacks!! After this tide goes through it’s “lull”, Saturday and Sunday “Ought to be” great!!

    If you’d like to get away for a day and relax or entertain some clients, drop us a line @ 504-259-5304 or visit www.OughtToBeFishing.com!!

    OUGHT TO BE FISHING CHARTERS…it’s what you OUGHTTA be doing!!!

    Pictures for this Report! Box Shot!!Pile Shot!Producer and 2

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