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Ought To Be Fishing Charters/Capt. Kerry Audibert

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    By creatify on February 16, 2006


    Both knowing the winds were scheduled to increase today, “The Producer” and I decided to make another run. Well, unfortunately, by the time we started the “increase” already happended. We were forced to some tree lined canals to escape the gale forces. Under the nearly impossible conditions we did exceptionally well!! Had to pack it in, having put together a mixed box of 35 pretty trout 12″-18″ and 9 nice reds. Everything caught on candy corn assasins under a cork on 1/8 oz. jig heads. The slower fall was definitely the ticket today!

    Give me a call to get in on some of this great fall type fishing @ 504-259-5304! When the weather prevails between fronts the fishing is fantastic!!

    OUGHT TO BE FISHING CHARTERS…its what you “OUGHTTA” be doing!!!

    Pictures for this Report! Box Shot!Pretty Pile Shot!Doubles18″ of Fun!

    Jerry LaBella
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