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OughtToBeFishingCharters/Capt. Kerry Audibert, Jr.

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    By creatify on February 18, 2006

    In response to T-Ford

    Both backdowns are open. I’ve personally launched there twice since the storm to make runs to our camp. There is a temporary trailer where the store was. They did have an older man there collecting $7 per launch. Also be extremely aware, there was a piece of the road missing a couple miles before the launch. I don’t know if it’s been repaired, and if not, it’s sure to scare the living s#&t out of you when you find it in the dark @ 50+ mph pulling a boat!! So be careful and I hope this helps!

    -Capt. Kerry

    OUGHT TO BE FISHING CHARTERS…it’s what you “OUGHTTA” be doing!!


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