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28 Nov

Capt. Jody Donewar


Yesterday evening I got in a nice shooting house here at Rock Hill Hunting Club.

It was over looking a beautiful green field with two lanes planted in wheat.

At 4:30 pm two bucks and a doe made their way out in the plot to my left.

The bigger buck kept going back into the woods not presenting me with a shot.

Finally the big buck stepped out of the woods giving me a neck shot.

I took the shot with my Tikka 308 and he hit the ground.

This is the second deer I have taken in two weeks as I took a doe last week along with two hogs.

Plenty Deer, Turkey and Hogs here at Rock Hill Hunting Club.

Capt. Jody






27 Nov

specks and long range trip to cally

a  buddy of mine    is  wacking  the  specks in  venice  on  live  shrimp    bigger trout  than  normal   got  his  2  man  limit  quick           I made   a   11 day  long range trip   to   cally   we  fished  in  Mexican  waters  approx.  400  miles  from  san diego        the  boat  got  102  wahoo    from  35 to  60  lbs   120    yellowfin tuna  most were 25  to  30 lbs     biggest  on   board was  141 lbs   I got  1  at  86 lbs   we  landed 120  mahi   5   yellow tails and   5   queen  trigger fish        I got   9 tuna   6  wahoo    8 mahi and    1 trigger    about  500 lbs  of  fish  for   me      I got   2  wahoo   on  bait  sardine  and  4  on   a wahoo warrior jig    I  make  in  water mellon  color    they   torn  the  paint  off  that   poor  jig   I will   have  to  put  more clear coat  on   them   before   I  take  them  back   to    cally   next  year        we  fished  6  days   hard   and   the  bite   was  steady     but   not   wide  open    we  had   to  work  hard  for  the  fish   we   caught      1  day   we   got   17  hoo   with   approx.  50  mahi    the  next   day  we  got   42   hoo  the  next day  43  hoo      there  were  21  fisherman  on  the  boat       one  guy  caught   a  100 lb  blue  marlin   that  came   right  in   not  much  fight  at  all     another  caught  a   150 lb   mako   on  the  troll   which  we   did not   keep      the  weather   was  almost  perfect  72 degrees  and  a  light  breeze     seas  were   1 ft  or  less   and   the  food   was  fantastic      if   you   have   never   been   on   a  long  range  trip       you   need  to  put   in  in   your  bucket      I have  been  on  4 trips  now    5 day   8  day  and  2   11 day trips  all  were  very good   2  were  steller  and  2 were  good   a super  group  of  guys    all  seasoned  veterens of  off shore fishing   it  did not  take   me  long   to   fit   in          cant wait   for  wahoo  season  to  start  in  venice      capt   todd

25 Nov


I first learned of Dr. Keith’s cancer diagnosis in 2015 when I received a call from a family friend asking me to help Dr. Keith check off his bucket list- a fishing trip with his son. With two phone calls, two boats and the Faux Pas lodge were arranged and immediately ready. Unfortunately, chemo took precedence, and we never made the trip. Dr. Keith passed away 3-1/2 months later at the age of 45. I later learned that his sportsman was Kyle, now age 12, the youngest of his six children.

Last Saturday morning, Kyle and I left the dock at 4am, headed out for our first duck hunt together. Halfway to the lease, with just the two of us under the near full moon, a sudden, overwhelming sense of responsiblity for another man’s son sent chills down my spine and left tears in my eyes. Although I take plenty kids in the outdoors, it’s usually not under these circumstances. As we continued down the bayou and knowing Dr. Keith was watching from above, I responded with 2 q-beam blasts and a wink towards heaven. The q-beam was to let Dr. Keith know I would take care of Kyle like a son of my own, and the wink was to ask him for a little help with the ducks. After all, this has been the slowest South Louisiana duck season of my life.

Anyone that knew Dr. Keith will tell you, he loved God and his Family and lived with the conviction that life was meant to be enjoyed today. As one family friend said, “Of all the things he’d accomplished in his life, there was nothing that gave him more joy than being a dad.” Hence, the “Live Like Keith” magnets that you can still find today on cars all around New Orleans.

There we sat in the blind with decoys set, safety talk finished, and laughing about how imitating a monkey can scare away coyotes. Then it got real quiet as we watched the sunrise wondering if any ducks would show up. What Kyle did not know was how dismal the hunt had been the day before and the day before that.

Then 8 teal appeared in the decoys 15 yards in front of Kyle. Then 2 more right in the same spot, one of which Kyle killed on the first shot. Then 10 more, a single, and after the “satsuma trick” and 2 breakfast bars, 12 more landed so close it made for easy shooting. I later described the hunt to my own sons and friends,who haven’t seen action like that this year, as “magical”.

As the hunt was coming to an end, I realized I had just had the pleasure to “Live Like Keith.”  I spent the day with his son, Kyle, a son that he and his wife raised to be cheerful, well-mannered, intelligent, and enthusiastic about each and every day — especially one where Dad was along the whole way.

I enjoyed the hunt, Keith. Thanks for letting me come along.

Team Whaler

24 Nov

Don’s Outdoor Debacles

Back out, me/Lucy today.  Water is finally up a bit in Delacroix.  Felt like 2 trips in one.  Trip one we searched for trout around 4 Horse/Round Lake and such.  Found some decent water and the tide/current was ripping, but one bite all morning and a skunking was on.  Afternoon Trip two seemed like a good time to switch to red targeting.  The water finally came up enough for me to comfortably slide back into my favorite 2 foot deep red pond.  And that saved the day, as 10 nice ones climbed aboard, and one other big one provided a show.

What hit the boat:

10 Redfish (4 throwbacks and 1 release)

0 Everything else


24 Nov

Sweetwater’s Marina

Today was captain Jacks first trip this winter with his dad and Chef Richie (our old food trailer cook). They went scouting for trout and ended up catching some really big ones! They found some clean water, and that’s where they found the big trout. Captain Jack caught the biggest trout he’s caught in 2 and a half years. It was 25.25 inches long. We have been hearing some great reports coming out of Fourhorse. There are a lot of reds and trout on the South shore of Fourhorse Lake. If I were going trout fishing, I would concentrate in Lake Robin and Lake Amadee. If I were going redfishing,I would go anywhere I want to go. They have been cleaning reds since 10am today. So..when you get a chance, come on down. The weather is looking beautiful for tomorrow. We have beautiful live shrimp. Nicole just picked up a load of shrimp. All that being said..we can’t wait to see ya here at Sweetwater Marina. 

#Delacroix #louisianafishing #delacroixisland #sweetwatermaria #sweetwatermarinadelacroix #troutfishing #trout #redfishing #louisianatrout #louisianareds 

24 Nov

Black Friday Special 1 stop shop

Scott and his 7 year old son Preston joined me yesterday for a good ole Dularge meat haul. First stop #Powerpole went down and it was on. Preston caught his first ever sheepshead, black drum, redfish, flounder and trout. Can’t beat that!!!! Fun times watching father son making memories that will last forever. Fishing is on fire. Give me a call to create your own life long memories this holiday season (985) 714-3987 #Jusgrabitglove #Pugliassportinggoods #GetEmShads #Highwaterfishinglures

24 Nov

Schooling Redfish

Doug, Karen, Kayla and Pauline came down from Missouri and got to experience a South LA redfish massacre Dularge style! All 25 fish caught on #Highwaterfishinglures and #GetEmShads! Captain Casey Lombard to book your trip 🎣📞(985) 714-3987📞🎣
#Jusgrabitglove #Pugliassportinggoods #Powerpole #Vudushrimp

24 Nov

Redfish Chaos

I was one of three boats fishing with this San Diego, California crew. All 3 days Jerry, Mark and Brad had the cooler overflowing with limits of redfish. They also caught all these species over their trip: Sheepshead(tons😂), Speckled trout(very few), Bass, flounder, Black drum and 1 freshwater catfish. Great crew and LOTS of fun. Thank you Captain Lloyd Landry with Outcast Fishing Charters for setting all this up. If you want in on this incredible bite give me a call and let’s get em!
Captain Casey Lombard (985) 714-3987
#HighwaterFishingLures and #GetEmShads responsible for the carnage. #Filletzall blades made cleaning a breeze. #Powerpole kept us on da spot. #Jusgrabitglove protected my hands🙏. #Pugliassportinggoods sells all these fine products.

21 Nov

Don’s Outdoor Debacles

Been going out here and there, and its been mostly uneventful with 1/2 suicidal fish a trip.  Today was going to be a bit of the same as far as I was concerned out by 4 Horse and all that dirty water, but my slip mate owner Charlie saved me from myself and I followed him trying to learn a new route.  Sweet little route, its going to take a bit more time for me to navigate like that.  He had a few friends down, still took the time to show me around and let me fish with them.  Nice group, we all yucked it up and fished hard.  Kept picking away at them around Pt Fienne, and by noon we had a five person limit of reds.  Good fishing, good company, it was good.

What hit the boats:

25 Redfish (only about 5 throwbacks)

2 Bass

1 Sheepshead

1 Sail Catfish

1 Hardhead

2 bushels of grass

20 Nov

TomL – Fishing Report – 20 Nov 2018

See Report (Click on report to make it larger)!!!