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16 Feb

Trey Smith

Just checked the wind forecast for Sat. and looks like it’s gonna be out of the NE.  It has been predicted for the South @ 5-10 up until now.  Even if the temp. remains the same, is the barometric pressure change that comes with the change in wind direction gonna slow things down?  Please advise.

16 Feb

Charles Gagliano

Calling Capt. Brandon Carter of Reel Shot Guide Service. The Silver Bullet Gang aka
Ray”Speck Man” King,Big Ben James,and yours trully want to know when the “Speckled Trout” turn ON? We’re itching to Fish!!!! Why Ray’s got “TROUT FEVER”
Please let us know SAP. Thanks.

16 Feb


It’s true!!Fall-Like Fishing Returns!!

Took My good buddy Big Poppa #1 of Chalmette fame out in the Blue Wave today. Had Steady 15mph winds all morning, but it didn’t matter. Launched out of EOW and about 7:00am and headed to Little Lake. First drift, about 15 or so hit the box. Then it slowed a bit, so we took it to Pt Fienne, where it started up again. #50 hit the box around 10:45 am, with every other (or three) fish a keeper. Average length was 13 to 14 inches. Quality trout! Felt good to be out there today. Wind kept the gnats at bay, and Big Poppa #1 even sported shorts today. Water was real dirty in terra beoufs, but cleaned up considerably in Little Lake, and was even cleaner in Pt Fienne. Duckiller, in case you read this, This may be a good spot to go this weekend. Call me, I’ve misplaced your number. Front comes through on Saturday afternoon, but should be ideal at least untill then. Water was good and up all around. Felt like late April out there. Caught them 3 ft (literally) under a popping cork with a 1/4 jig head. Color of the day was Green with silver fleck (salt water asassin). Good Luck To all this weekend, I gotta work (AGAIN!)

Pictures for this Report! Half of Fifty

16 Feb


response to redmaster,  fished port sulphur a couple of weeks ago,  Happy jack landing is not usuable, trash, boats, marsh grass still has it choked up.  I used the launch in pointe a lache, just off hwy 23 on the right.  the first bayou you come to is Grand bayou.  Take a left and you will come to the camps in grand bayou in about five minutes.  Good luck.  The reds were thick on a falling tide.

16 Feb


In response to Keith,

I haven’t been down two myrtle grove in about a month or so, But the fish were biting good then Reds, specks, Drum, and sheepshead.  thank god I filled my freezer with fillets before my motor broke however I hope to be back at them soon. If your fishing myrtle grove on a falling tide(lunar or wind driven), fish all the small cuts coming out of the marsh into Myrtle Grove Canal (Aka. Wilkerson)for reds and drum. The small bays such as Bay round,Lake Laurie, Spoonbill bay, and Bay Five; can produce trout but your gonna have to troll the banks to find them. Fish the camps and pillons on Oak Bayou for reds and sheepshead. If you make it out to Barataria Bay fish Manilla Village and nearby satellite rigs but wait for the moving tide check the tables befoer your trip. Out there when the tide is moving good you can drag plastics across the bottom and snag some trout or under a cork about a 2.5 to 3.0 ft drop. For reds and drum use bait shrimp under a rattle cork 2ft drop in small bays and lagoons. or you can try D.O.A.s or Speculizers but my and my parteners have been having more luck with the shrimp  for reds. Capt. larrys is usually well stocked with bait shrimp and takle.   watch the tide, this time of year its usually still really low out there from the winter. Let me know how yall make out good luck.          

16 Feb


Any ideas on the Hopedale / ShellBeach areas for this weekend.

16 Feb


Gonna take wife to biloxi this weekend so she can play the slots. Anyone know any good spots to fish for specks,  shore or dock?  thanks

16 Feb


Very interesting article on high Mercury content in our Gulf fish. The truth is many fishermen will ignore the warnings anyway. Good reason to practice catch and release…not going to happen epecially on the Charter side of the equation. I believe many of our fine captains would love to release many of the fish they catch but when a customer pays over 1K for a fishing trip, a suggestion like that may get the captain thrown overboard. Maybe this explains why I ecounter so many individuals with psychiatric issues…

15 Feb

John Castelluccio

In response to Greg Donolo

TO GREG…as of last Saturday-Theresa’s looked as it did 8 days after the storm.  TOTALLY DESTROYED with partially sunken slabs atop a dumpster and several blocking the entrance to the bayou.  Two 10-ton ice makers from the roof now on the ground near the copncrete off-loading area.

15 Feb


hello  i was wondering if anyone has a fishing report of the POINT-LA-HACHE area. im planing a trip trip this weekend and am trying to get some feedback  thanks