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13 Feb


One of these days I am going to take a picture of the fish I catch, if I ever catch one. I bought a monster boat and it made me no better of a fisherman, but I have become a better drinker.

13 Feb


Has anyone seen or heard from Captain Brian Epstien? I have not seen any type of posting from him or about him since Hurricane Katrina.

13 Feb


a well spent superbowl sunday ended with only two yellow fin tuna and one tuna virgin no more.mindy matherne and her first tuna one the stepcat4 aprox 180#

Pictures for this Report! tuna virgin no more

13 Feb


Late report from Chalmette,GOM Area. Just now thawing out from yesterday!!! Some days are suited to stay home..For some, maybe, but I had to Go!!! Wind was a Good 15-20, anchored to pilings,sunken shrimp boats,and what ever else would hold the Century from drifting!!! Saw Pack, he looked cold!!! Water was stained,but not muddy. Caught 10 juvies, only five to put on ice. Yesterday, 3/8 ounce white jig hook with lsu bayou chub, in 20 ft of water was the ticket.Fished until 12:30, No Mass!!!

13 Feb


Here are the pics from last weeks catch…

Pictures for this Report! #6#5#4#3#2#1

13 Feb

Uncle Jhim

In response to Damon McKnight

Damon, that was a great post. I have been in the commercial seafood business for more than 30 years and I have dealt with buyers from several countrys. The buyers will find fault with whatver they can get away with. However I have never had one ask where a fish was caught. Some buyers prefer longline, some hook and line and some harpoon and some, yep even gill net, so go figure. But the ONE THING that was crucial is that you had to get the fish on ice as soon as possibble and keep it there as long as possible. Any buyer anywhere can tell if a fish got warm, no matter where it was caught or how it was caught.

13 Feb

Ralph Cramdon

Hey,Norton its Cold up here in diss Yankee Land!Ya know diss is wear FEMA sent me an Alice after datt big Blow Katrina.Dere aint no Speckled Trout,so im commin down to Venition Isles ta try and cross Lake Borgne Ta get ta Shell Beach ta catch some Trout.But i need ta Know ,is it safe ta run 45 knots cross Lake Borgne?I don’t wanna hit nuttin summurged datt would tear up my friends fiberglass hull.Man its cold up here.16 diss morn.I wanna come home ta Chilly Gentilly but my Trailer gatt no Juice yet. Entergy says its da Shaw Groups Fault an Shay say its Entergys Fault.all i no is 1 of ems lyin.Love an Miss all you Coon Ass’s Cher.

13 Feb

Damon McKnight

In response to POP

Roger on Shelf Life.  To me the quality of the meat and shelf life go hand in hand. I will have to go with the coonasses as well on what exactly the shelf life is.

13 Feb

movin it

I checked the archives to no avail–any suggestions on a new trailor for a 23′ cc boat?

13 Feb


i hear ya damon, it has absolutely nothing to do with meat quality, its SHELF LIFE according to the broker/buyer. it all taste the same but has no shelf life. like the coonasses say “ma me, i don’t know”.