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    By creatify on February 20, 2006

    Humbled by the experts that read and post on this site, I’m very hestitant to give any advice.  I looked long and hard at the weather forecast for this weekend.  I view multiple sites and look not only at written forecasts but also surface and frontal maps.  Those frontal boundaries were predicted to be sitting just off the coast Saturday morning.  Sure they were to “stall”, but a 60-80 mile error in forecast can be huge with a strong front. I decided that it was not worth time, fuel and sphincter tone to go. I always look at the NOAA forecast with skepticism and look at weather maps myself (isobars, high pressure zones, etc.) then determine the game plan.  How many times have you heard “the forecast called for 2-3’s” and then got your butt kicked.  My heart goes out to everyone that had to take it on the nose Saturday.  We’ve all been there.


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