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Peace Marvel shares a peice of his mind on the shark population

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    By Wanda Stewart on October 17, 2018

    In the first 17 years of Fishing out of Venice I lost 3 yellowfin to sharks. In the last 6 years I have lost probably 100. OH but NMFS says the sharks are endangered and have cut the commercial shark fishery considerably. Ask anyone who works in the gulf. There are more sharks now than we have ever seen. That’s what you get when your fishery is managed by people who work in offices. Also, the biologists income is dependent on grant money so best way to get grant money is to scream “ENDANGERED! ENDANGERED!!!”
    I am by no means saying that there are no fish that need protection nor am I saying there are no biologists committed to the fishery. I spent years on various Gulf Council Advisory Panels. I have seen it first hand. Simply put, the knee jerk money grab management system doesn’t work.

    Venice, Louisiana, is kind of the end of the Earth. It’s the last place to grab a beer on the Mississippi River, and it also happens to be the gateway to some of the finest bluewater fishing in the country. Host Joe Cermele is no stranger to the tuna fishing in the Gulf here, but when friend, colleague, and mentor Gerry Bethge wanted to head south to settle a score with a broadbill swordfish, Cermele was happy to be his wingman. Guided by veteran captain Peace Marvel, this crew dabbles in everything from topwater popping to extreme deep-dropping. Sprinkle in a dash of glory, a pinch of heartache, and all the ups and downs between and you’ve got one hell of an offshore adventure. Check out the video below.

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