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Plan “A”. “B” & “C” Delacroix Way

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    By Oneofthepack on March 10, 2018


    This weekend Friday through Sunday was to be a power packed time frame, and me thought me would not have any time to make it on the water.

    But as events developed me found meself with a Saturday, (schedule a trip with Big Bud (aka Eastofmrgo)) trip open, than with even more events coming to pass me found meself open Friday too, so me contacted Big Bud and we changed plans to go Friday instead of Saturday, we though better day to go, less competition and the weather predictions looked better too.


    • Tuesday soninlawofthepack had a bout with an small ulcer, 2 days in sick bay and he back home and all is well
    • Thursday me trip to sick bay for follow up, all went well Dr. very happy to see me 5 # lighter
    • Thursday on the way back from the Dr., met with The Map man, picked up some old Pathfinders 105 Delacroix maps, and one # 9 of Bayou Bienvenue. The Map Man has all kinds of maps for all areas on rock bottom sale, if you looking for some maps, give me a call and me can give you his name & contact info.
    • Thursday lunch with crew @ Southside Café in Slidell, Big John C, Big Bud, (this when we schedule rip for Saturday) Big Andrew, Big T-Doc, Big PJ, and Big Paul (newcomer to group, met him at gym) we requested table for seven, but got one for six, table really only big enough for 5 (BIG we be). Big PJ last to arrive, not spot for him, we tried to get an extension on table but they real busy as usual, and Big PJ agreed he would make it next time. Me apologizes for the mix up and we agreed to do it again down the road.
    • Thursday evening me found out our Friday trip to HBA home show canceled and trip to History meet with Big Burgan we need not have to go, now Friday open for a trip, called Big Bud yessum says he go we go.
    • Meet up at Waffle House for 5AM both of us was early, the day just felt good.
    • No wild life sightings along Hwy 11 or 90 not good
    • Passed on Waffle House, McDonnell, and Last Stop food store, we on a mission
    • Not many boats on Hwy, gas stations, and / or boat launches
    • Check point Able water level down 12 – 14” not good
    • Check point Bravo not water moving at Reggio canal, not good.
    • As we drove and talked fishing, it became apparent today was going to be a (50) Silverwodners type trip. The more we drove the more excited we got, by the time we reached the home of the Bay Flat Sr we had already caught 4 limits.
    • Arrive at the home of the Bay Flat Sr. PSYCH up we be, at quick double time pace we load the gear from the FORD transporter into the Bay Flat Sr, hit the switch wrong way hoist going up, reversed the switch hoist no go down, HUSTON we have a problem. Me tried it a couple of times no good go up no go down, so much for saying that “what go up must come down”.
    • On to plan “B” load all the gear back, (not so double time quick mode) into the FORD transporter, off to the other 2 boats me and Big Bud have, we going fishing somehow today, how else we would get (50) Silverwodners.
    • Me got the idea to text, (did not want to call and wake up Big Nick) and let me know hoist would not go down. In no time Big Nick calls and says you alright, yessum says me, me explain about hoist, I will be there in an hour says he, (We thinking plan “C”) no hurry says us, be there in an hour says he. Do you think you can get her down, yessum says he. Let’s do it, (on to plan “C”) drive back to Delacroix, but we already past Violet on the way home, so we stopped at Penny’s and got some breakfast, (thanks for breakfast Big Bud) by the time we made it to the slip, Big Nick already had the old motor down and hanging another motor. Many thanks for Big Nick making our day.
    • Quick double time load the Bay Flat Sr once again
    • Yamaha Dream Machine fire up like she be hot to trot for fun day on the water
    • Quick stop at Lionel for some go juice
    • Off to spot # 51C to start out day, sun high in the sky, we about 75 minutes behind schedule.


    • Perfect
    • North wind calm. Then east 6-8, then S.S.E. 10-12 mph steady as she blows
    • Sunny & clear
    • Cool temps, me had thought for leaving jump suite in truck, me glad me did not, wore it all day, me as snug as a fish in a frying pan.
    • Water level down pretty good, mud flats all over
    • Water temp 65.3F
    • Tail end of a falling tide, slack tide started to come in, came in all day, me thin, have not yet learn how to tell tide movement in this new are we fishing.
    • Water clarity on a scale of 1-7 was a 5 at first moved to a 6 plus, and as the tide came in went to a 4 minus, but VERY fishable all day
    • Had to deal with a little grass, kept getting caught on lure
    • Boats all over the place, so much for not having much competition, some of the boat passed us 3 to 4 times running back and forth.
    • Saw 2 boats with STANLEY on the side of it started to run them down and see what they doing with me name on their boats, but they too fast to keep up with.


    • Be safe
    • Have fun
    • Put some run time on Bay Flat Sr. and Yamaha Dream Machine
    • This be me daily therapy for ALL me aliments
    • Gather Intel for future trips, and to share with fisherperson, (on rodnreel.com) to help assist them in their choice of areas to fish, lures to use and presentation of same to the elusive Silverwonders.
    • Scope out the new spot numbers we established to document / log in history of new areas we fishing, do to deteriorating water clarity in our post along our milk run.
    • Try to reach our goal of (50) Silverwodners for the day
    • Follow plan “A’, “B’”, and “C”
    • Fish long enough to last us for 3-4 days
    • Find a spot # with the seven fundamentals / criteria of catching:         


    • WIND AT YOUR BACK: (Wind not the challenge, could have had it at our back in many locations, wind as it was our savior, we did the Oak River Troll all day and the wind was our propellant to move the Bay Flat Sr forward, a trolling motor could, (note said could) have assisted us to stay in strike zone a little longer, as we were moving 2 to 2.5 MPH at times, not good 1.5 max for (ORT)).


    • MOVING WATER: ( Perfect timing end of a falling, slack ((ORT) technique real good at slack tide) then started to come in, water moving just about all day, wind and tide going in same direction prove to be a great combination for us)


    • WATER CALRITY: (Great looking water, as the wind picked up the bays dirtied up a little and the water in the canal got a little off color, but for the most part a 4 minus to 5 plus all day)


    • HOLDING FISH: (Spot # 51C 50t)


    • PATIENTS: ( When we reached our spot, killed the engine, turned the Bay Flat Sr downstream, let the wind push us, drop the lines over the side and started to say, “This will not take lon……..” that is as far as me got when Big Bud hooks us, nice drum. It stayed like that all morning from about 8:30 to 1:30 (stopped fishing headed in , catching still going on) action, action, action, not a slam, but enough to keep us interested in staying with the (ORT) technique for the day)


    • SKILL: (Learning new spots in detail (i.e. drop offs, channel edges, strike zones, drift patterns, etc.) to fish, utilizing the technique, (ORT) that mated up with the present / actual conditions, have one of the best fisherperson me know on board the Bay Flat Sr, locked into a common goal of catching.)


    • LUCK: (Schedules / event changes, having a great landlord Big Nick, thanks man for getting us underway.)
    • Anchor up cast & retrieve slowly along the bottom, with a twitch every now and then, tight lining…………………………………(2) FISH CUAGHT THIS WAY, WE ALL ANCHORING UP THE KISS OF DEATH AS WE NEVER CATH NAYTHING WHEN DOING SO.


    • Oak River Troll (ORT)………………..9% FISH CAUGHT THIS WAY


    • Reverse Oak River Troll (RORT) ………..DID NTO TRY


    • Oak River Skim (ORS) ……………DID NOT TRY


    • Cork ……..DID NOT TRY


    • Lake P Troll (LPT)…………….N/A


    • Dead bait………NONE


    • Live bait…………………NONE


    ·      LURE DU JOURE:



    • 3” Chartreuse Glow Beetle, matched up with H&H ¼ oz. round white head w/gold hook………….DID NOT TRY


    • Matrix Shad Lemon Drop, matched up with H&H ¼ oz. round white head w/gold hook……………DID NOT TRY


    • Matrix Shad Lemon Drop, matched up with H&H 3/8 oz. round white head w/gold hook……………DID NOT TRY


    • Matrix Shad Lemon Drop, matched up with H&H 1/2 oz. round white head w/gold hook……………DID NOT TRY


    • Matrix Shad Lemon Drop, matched up with 3/4 oz. round lead head ……………N/A


    Spot 51C (50)t, 51B (9)t, 51A, and 51D



    • Lived to fish another day
    • (59) Silverwonders 22 throw backs
    • (3) Drum 2 throw backs
    • (2) Oyster shells
    • (1) Bottom
    • (1) Popped line
    • (1 ½) bushels of grass
    • Great breakfast, thanks Big Bud
    • Late start, early finish
    • Perseverance was the word for the day
    • Turning a HUSTON we have a problem day into a we have a go day, all system are go
    • Spending the day on the water with Big Bud (aka Eastofmrgo) one of the best fisherperson me know, and we had 6 of them around the lunch table Thursday.
    • Best fishing trip of my life, until the next one.


    Me think me closing the gap on Big Bud, todays was a close tie, with the (ORT) technique me think me have a chance on obtaining the honors of fisherperson of the day one day, as me have mastered the (ORT) technique. But in the over all, of all techniques me no match for Big Bud one on one.


    Learn the (ORT) technique, this is the time of the year where it will be very applicable for all conditions, and in most cases produce Silverwonders where other techniques will not.

    Above only part of the catching equation, having a number of the ORGINAL purple H&H beetles and H&H ¼ oz. round white heads with gold hook in your tackle box is the other part of having a productive outing.

    When you got to the Gonzales sporting show, stop by the H&H rep, and find out when they will have the original HH purple beetles back, right now they look like yellowish purple beetle??????????

    Me only have about 300 left out of 1,000, need to find some more original purple beetles.


    Catching isn’t having the strength to go on – it is going on when you don’t catch

    O & A:

    Which is the other side of the bayou?

    FUTURE TEAM JO-JO’S next foray AGENDA:

    Nothing plan, but me be back on water soon, hope to see all you fisherperson out and about, until then:

    Good Fishing


    Team Jo-Jo & Oneofthepack

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