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Pictures of the Best
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 Date:  Title:  Submitted By:  Type:
 6/8/2015  nice snappers  fishgill  Fish: Snapper, Red
 6/8/2015  Eastofmrgo he go/go  Oneofthepack  Other / NA
 6/7/2015  Biggest Fish of my life(Trestles)  Clem Gauthe  Fish: Drum, Black
 6/6/2015  Box Shot  king  Other / NA
 6/6/2015  Todays Charter  Sweetwater Marina  Other / NA
 6/6/2015  Box Shot  king  Other / NA
 6/6/2015  Group Dock Shot  king  Other / NA
 6/6/2015  HAPPY YOUNG ANGLERS!  Capt. Jody Donewar  Fish: Seatrout, Spotted
 6/5/2015  A full board  Capt Troy Wetzel  Other / NA
 6/5/2015  Snapper season is here!  Capt Troy Wetzel  Fish: Snapper, Red
 6/5/2015  A serious Meat Haul  Capt Troy Wetzel  Fish: Scamp
 6/5/2015  Great bottom fishing day!  Capt Troy Wetzel  Fish: Amberjack, Greater
 6/5/2015  Big Grouper!  Capt Troy Wetzel  Fish: Grouper, Warsaw
 6/5/2015  NICE CATCH! BEAUTIFUL WEATHER!  Capt. Jody Donewar  Fish: Seatrout, Spotted
 6/4/2015  slidell gar fish  perry dinger  Fish: Gar, Alligator
 6/4/2015  DREW LANDED THIS BIG BLACK DRUM!  Capt. Jody Donewar  Fish: Drum, Black
 6/4/2015  FUN DAY WITH SOME GREAT FOLKS!  Capt. Jody Donewar  Fish: Seatrout, Spotted
 6/4/2015  DREW LANDED THIS BEAUTIFUL REDFISH!  Capt. Jody Donewar  Fish: Drum, Red
 6/4/2015  Wounded Warrios Seafood Boil  Melerine's Camp Rental  Other / NA
 6/4/2015  Wounde Warrios Fishing Rodeo  Melerine's Camp Rental  Other / NA
 6/4/2015  Marsh Reds  eastofmrgo  Fish: Drum, Red
 6/4/2015  Reds didn't stand a chance  eastofmrgo  Other / NA
 6/4/2015  Trout  pat carrington  Other / NA
 6/3/2015  Box Shot  king  Other / NA
 6/3/2015  Group Dock Shot  king  Other / NA
 6/3/2015  Group Dock Shot  king  Other / NA
 6/3/2015  Limits Last Couple Days  DockSide  Other / NA
 6/2/2015  Pot of gold  estofmrgo  Other / NA
 6/2/2015  WORKED HARD FOR THESE!  Capt. Jody Donewar  Fish: Seatrout, Spotted
 6/1/2015  GREAT FATHER & SON TRIP!  Capt. Jody Donewar  Fish: Seatrout, Spotted
 6/1/2015  Nice snappet  Danny green  Other / NA
 5/31/2015  Fun fight  Capt Eric Pellegrin  Fish: Crevalle, Jack
 5/31/2015  catch of the day  Capt Eric Pellegrin  Fish: Seatrout, Spotted
 5/31/2015  105 Qt. Chect of Trout  Mike  Fish: Seatrout, Spotted
 5/31/2015  First snapper  John rainey  Fish: Snapper, Grey
 5/31/2015  Lemon Drop haters  Oneofthepack  Other / NA
 5/31/2015  Cushion  Me  Other / NA
 5/30/2015  LOTS OF FUN & LAUGHS TODAY!  Capt. Jody Donewar  Other / NA
 5/29/2015  NICE CATCH ON A WINDY DAY!  Capt. Jody Donewar  Fish: Seatrout, Spotted
 5/29/2015  Big Andsrew at dock side  Oneofthepack  Other / NA
 5/28/2015  lazy box shot  eastofmrgo  Other / NA
 5/28/2015  COME GET YOU SOME!!!!!!!!!!  Capt. Jody Donewar  Fish: Seatrout, Spotted
 5/25/2015  Snapper and Lemon fish  Venice Honeyhole Houseboat  Other / NA
 5/25/2015  Snapper and Lemon fish  Venice Honeyhole Houseboat  Fish: Snapper, Red
 5/25/2015  redfish tacos  MH  Fish: Drum, Red
 5/25/2015  LEONE GOLDSMITH 101  Capt. Jody Donewar  Fish: Drum, Red
 5/24/2015  Change is in the wind  Oneofthepack  Other / NA
 5/24/2015  Box shot  Team Last Stall  Fish: Seatrout, Spotted
 5/24/2015  Ronnie Mase  Melerine's Camp Rental  Other / NA
 5/23/2015  Group Dock Shot  king  Other / NA

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