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Purple beetle vs. Violet Goby

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    By Oneofthepack on July 29, 2018

    Recently read an article on a strange fish that was cough up by a Silverwonder, I.D. as a Violet Goby, it went on to say the likeness of this fish was that of the purple H&H beetle, which may answer the questions many fisherperson ask Oneofthepack, “What can the purple H&H beetle be imitation” that the Silverwonders like it so.

    So me looked it up, below is what Wikipedia wrote about it. Note size listed in wild 3” to 5” right in the range of the H&H purple beetle.

    The violet goby (Gobioides broussonnetii) is a species of goby native to marine, fresh and brackish waters near the Atlantic coast of North and South America from South Carolina in the United States of America, to northern Brazil. It prefers bays, estuaries and river mouths with muddy substrates.[1] It is often marketed as the dragon goby or dragon fish.

    The Violet goby has a long, slender, eel-like body. Its dorsal and anal fins run almost the entire length of the body. The teeth are very sharp; however these are used for scraping algae off rocks, not fighting. When kept in good condition, dragon gobies develop an attractive, iridescent, silvery-blue metallic color with a gold blotch pattern. Violet gobies seen in pet stores are generally 3 to 5 inches (7.6–12.7 cm) long. In the wild, violet gobies can grow to 24 inches (61 cm) long. However, in captivity they seldom grow past 15 inches (38 cm).[2] Males tend to have long, pointed genital papilla, while that of the females are shorter, blunt, and yellow in color.[3]

    Habitat and feeding[edit]
    Violet gobies usually inhabit brackish swamps, streams, and estuaries with a muddy substrate. Violet gobies have very small eyes, and as such are primarily scavengers. Their key method of obtaining food is by scooping up mouthfuls of gravel and sorting edible material from the substrate, and then spitting out the substrate and swallowing the food particles. They also use their highly specialized teeth to scrape algae off of rocks.[4]

    See attach pictures of colors they have been known to look like, once again 3”H&H purple beetle appears to have duplicated the similarities like no other lure .
    Could this be the reason the Silverwonders, like H&H beetle, combine with the Team Jo-Jo technique & presentation of same, me think so.

    Good Fishing

    Team Jo-Jo & Oneofthepack

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