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Redfish action for XMAS

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    By Redfishcharterco on December 14, 2018

    You don’t have to be a psychic to see what’s going on in the marshes of Louisiana this winter.  It’s a Redfish Bonanza on the Bayou for XMAS ya’ll, and it’s been a great time for everyone fishing out of Sportsman’s Paradise.  Man it’s been fun and i mean really fun.  The weather is cool and i don’t mind it one bit after the July we had, whew it was hotter than a 2 dollar pistol.  Those days are over and as the water cools down the Redfish get hungry man, really hungry.

    We’ve been finding Reds stacked up in deep holes and they’ll eat just about anything right now.  We’re catching plenty on 1/4 ounces weighted  jigs decked out with a plastic motor oil baby bull cocahoe minnow.  The baby bull cocahoe’s are made a little shorter which improves the hook up rate with the fished stacked up in cool water 50-60 degrees is normal now.  Work that baby bull a bit slower than granny walks around the kitchen and you’ll feel them bump it.  Go easy with the hook set until you feel the weight of the fish bend the pole a bit.

    Also of course you could use market shrimp under a cork or free lined if you don’t mind getting your hands a lil shrimpy while having some fun.

    Let us take you fishing this XMAS and enjoy some family time on a Redfish Charter.  Check us out online to book a trip for your crew.

    Capt Damien Melancon

    The Redfish Charter Company




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