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Redfish action out of Sportsman’s Paradise in Chauvin

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    By Redfishcharterco on March 26, 2018

    Hi folks just a quick report from fishing out of Cocodrie. This past Saturday we found plenty of Redfish schooling in the marshes around the Cocodrie area. Took a great family from Minnesota out in the 24ft Skiff and got some nice pics i wanted to share. Due to the windy conditions (20mph) we used shrimp under a popping cork along grass lines in the marsh. The water was coming in fast and small bait fish (pogies, minnows) were being swept along with it. The action was steady in the afternoon and it will only get better as the winds die down. The matured Redfish (27 inches and above) located in the marshes, are beginning to form larger schools preparing to move out to the passes. Check us out online and book a custom fishing charter for your crew today.


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