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Redfish Limits

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    By captcasey@precisionfishingcharters.com on November 10, 2018

    Very low water due to the high northern winds made it tough getting around today but the guys from Farm Bureau Insurance put a hurting on the reds. Thanks Capt Lloyd Landry for setting up the trip.
    Captain Casey Lombard (985) 714-3987
    #Jusgrabitglove #Pugliassportinggoods #Powerpole #Highwaterfishinglureshttps://m.facebook.com/precisionfishingcharters/

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    One Response to “Redfish Limits”

    1. Welcome to Precision Fishing Charters! Where sport fishermen of every skill level can experience the beauty and bounty of Southwest Louisiana’s inland and coastal waters all year long. Captain Casey Lombard operates his fishing guide service with the mission to guarantee safety, excitement and fun for all ages. Fishing and tracking the movement of indigenous species in this eco-rich region is Captain Casey’s passion. He established Precision Fishing Charters (“PFC”) in 2017 to be able to share his love of the sport with others on a full-time basis. PFC is dedicated to ensuring a top-quality, memorable fishing experience for every client, and we look forward to introducing young and soon-to-be anglers as well as seasoned fishermen to the excitement of fishing in some of the most productive, picturesque speckled trout and red fish habitats in the world! FISHING LOCATIONS: (or WHERE WE FISH, or LAUNCH LOCATIONS) Primarily launching out of Cocodrie from March through September – spawning season for speckled trout – PFC fishes the bays, outer bays, lakes, near coastal islands as well as the many oil/gas platforms that are the perfect habitat for hungry speckled trout during these months. PFC charters booked from October through February launch out of Bayou Dularge, a little farther North where the trout move to the inside fresher waters from October through February. PFC guarantees you a first-class fishing experience any time of year. Charters launching out of Cocodrie will fish beautiful inland islands such as Last Island, Island Denieres, Timbilier Island, East Timbilier Island just to name a few. Charters launching out of Bayou Dularge fish inland areas that include Sister Lake, Lake Merchant, Grand Pass, Lost Lake and Lake Decade. These areas are filled with reefs that ensure the best of speckled trout fishing as well as the bustling deep water areas in Grand Pass where bull reds and monster black drums are plentiful. Areas out of Bayou Dularge hold plenty of trout and reds at the same time, so you never know what’s going to be on the end of your line! No matter what time of year you plan your charter, we target species that make for an exciting experience including speckled trout, red drum, black drum, sheepshead, flounder, shark and bull reds. Both Cocodrie and Bayou Dularge are approximately an hour Southwest of New Orleans. PFC can offer overnight lodging through one of our local partners, a full-service marina and access to nearby restaurants. PFC caters to all skill levels families and kids under 12 fish free (must be accompanied by a parent).

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