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The “perfect post”

Never lie!

Make a post for every successful trip

Even make a rare “bad” report, this will give you creditably.

People that plan to come to our area read the reports daily and pick 1 or 2 favorites that post often. Then they call you and if all goes well they book a trip.

RodnReel is read by over 20,000 people a month all across the United States, plus thousands will see your reports on Social Media.

They will pick a favorite based on their belief that you catch fish, that you cater to your clients and you are fun to fish with.

Once you get a new client and all goes well, you will keep that client forever!

Make a post for every successful trip

REALLY IMPORTANT- Name your guests in your report!

REALLY IMPORTANT- Have a least 1 picture of each person in your party and a group dock shot with the fish poured out on the deck and YOU must be in the picture with your entire group.

You can tell a lady that her face could stop a clock or you could say her beautiful face could make time stand still.  THE SAME GOES FOR YOUR REPORT!

Point: Write an interesting and exciting version of your trip. Make it sound like fun!

Try and tell a mini story about one or more of the guests and include images and mini piece about children.

Make a post for every successful trip

Include where your clients are from… something like” I had the pleasure of fishing with Dick and Jane from Montana.”

Have a standard closure like.

If you want to fish with me, have a lot of fun and catch fish.
Give me a call at (504) 555-1212
And/or visit my website: www.fishinla.com
Email: youremail@gmail.com
(make your website and email clickable links)
We provide all fishing equipment
We clean and bag your catch… Ready to cook and eat!

Post your report on RodnReel

Send every report to all the social media sites you have.

I suggest you have an account with Facebook, Youtube, Twiter, Pinterest, Google+,Tumblr, Instagram and Flickr.

 I know this requires a couple of hours of work once but it will then payoff forever.

If this is beyond your level of computer expertise, hire a bright teenager for about $30 – $50. It will be fully worth it. You only have to do this once and after that it’s FREE promotion.

When you post your report on RodnReel it will just take a minute or two to send your reports to all of these sites.

Don’t forget !!!!!!!!
Make a post for every successful trip


Customer Appreciation Card

Give a Customer Appreciation Card to everyone on each trip.  Tell them you are going to write a story about you trip and post it on RodnReel and encourage them to read the report and then click on the media buttons above the report which will put it on there social media pages.  FREE promotion about your business.

These cards are not your “Business Cards”, these cards are to be given out at the end of each trip to all of the people on the trip.

1,000 of these cards cost about $60.00.  If you fish 220 trips a year, here is what that would cost your per client.

$0.06 or 6 cents per client.

This gives you powerful FREE additional advertising you have never had before.  Best of all no more work for you!!!! 

You can only do this as a RodnReel.com advertiser.

Post a Report Card Font

Front of Card


Post a Report Card Back

Back of Card

Click here to order your own cards as above.

I suggest 1,000 cards,  that will cover your entire year