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    By Info@delacroixfishing on March 26, 2018

    First off, we want to thank all of our customers here at Sweetwater..every single one of you. Secondly, we want to not thank all of our customers that come acting ugly due to the live shrimp situation. The shrimp situation is extremely tight right now. The shrimper is shrimping from 6am till 6pm to catch what he is catching right now..which we know isn’t making everyone happy, but it is the best that we can manage at this point. Captain Jack has been given more advice on how he should go about selling live shrimp, in the last month and a half, than you can imagine. With Captain Jack being a fishing guide..he knows how important it is to have live shrimp in most cases. So, captains that are coming to get shrimp from other places need to realize..we just can’t sell you 400 shrimp at a time right now. We don’t appreciate anyone that comes in and plays switcharoo…having someone else come in to get some more shrimp. We are selling these captains shrimp at a reduced rate like all other captains. However, you won’t be coming get live shrimp from us, as soon as the other marinas have them. We have to keep our regular customers happy. Some shrimp are better than none..and if you cannot deal with that, than choose to get none…because you’re not welcome here. We are trying to be fair to everyone. It is very important to us to keep our regular customers happy and make sure they get some shrimp too. At least we aren’t refusing to sell you shrimp period. So next time you complain or want to play this little shrimp games, don’t…we wouldn’t want to have to send you on your way with 0 shrimp in your bucket. So..p.s. We are cracking down on shrimp sales per person, while the shrimp are limited, and if you can’t handle it..find another Marina with shrimp..and you won’t! How would you feel..if you owned a Marina, and one of your regular customers with his little boy came to get some live shrimp..but you were out..ruining their fishing trip…because you sold all of your shrimp to people that you know aren’t returning once other marinas get live shrimp. I know y’all are thinking about yourselves..but be considerate and think about the business and others that want live shrimp too. As far as the fishing this weekend, Friday’s fishing was pretty decent….Saturday’s fishing wasn’t great at all..some did alright but most struggled and today was a little better. Captain Jack’s charter today they went trout fishing..ended up with 25 trout…then they went redfishing and black drum fishing..they caught 12 drum and 3 reds. They probably threw back 50 reds that were 14 and three quarter inches to 15 and a half inches. I guess that’s a good sign for the future. Captain Jack is fishing again tomorrow, and we will update you again tomorrow. Captain Jack says he thinks it worth coming..any chance you get..fishing is always worth it. All jokes aside about the live shrimp..don’t come too the Marina anymore playing games with the live shrimp. Also, Captain Jack says he needs no more advice about the live shrimp situation. If you guys don’t like this, don’t come. If anything, we should be selling shrimp at 45 cents..while they are hard to get..but we haven’t went up on shrimp at all..so take that into account. So…besides all that…We can’t wait to see you here at Sweetwater Marina. See ya soon.

    We do have one boat shed left available! Book it now, before it’s gone! $200 per month! Includes: water, electricity and free launches! Call 504-342-2368.

    Remember we do have non-ethanol fuel, ice, tackle, live bait, dead bait, maps, gps chips, bugspray, sunscreen, drinks, snacks, oil and anything you might need for a great day on the water.

    We also offer A+ service! We will launch your boat for you, park your vehicle, give you golf court rides to and from your vehicle, point you to all the hotspots and anything else you may need help with!

    If you are interested in booking lodging or charters, please call 504-342-2368!

    Charters- Our charter trips are $750 for up to 4 anglers! The captain provides everything! The only thing you need to bring is lunch and drinks for yourselves, something to bring your cleaned and packaged fish home in and a fishing license! If you don’t have a Louisiana fishing license, you will need to get a 3 day charter license! For more info call the number above!

    Lodging-We have units that sleep up to 6 people and are $160.50 per night! We have the best location in Delacroix! Right across from the Marina! You can leave your boat in the water! Launches are free! Linens, towels, rags, silverware, plates, bowls and cups are all in the room! There is a coffee pot (with everything needed to make the coffee), a griddle, fridge, freezer, sink and charcoal grills outside of each room! The bedroom contains 2 bunk beds with full bottom and twin top! In the living room area, there are two sofas (one’s a sofa sleeper) and a television with cable! There is a full size bathroom! There is wifi available! So..don’t pass up on the opportunity to stay in our convenient, comfy lodge. We do offer two bedroom lodging with a full kitchen for $214 per night! They are set up a little bit differently. They are more spacious. Call with any questions or to reserve your spot!

    Sweetwater Marina
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    Sweetwater Marina
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